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GoodWe's 3 key strategies to expand into the Brazilian market

published: 2024-05-13 17:44

GoodWe has chosen Aldo Solar, Brazil's largest solar distributor, as its strategic partner to further expand into the Brazilian market. As a result of the partnership, Aldo Solar will be responsible for the distribution of GoodWe's solar inverters, specifically the 100 kW and 250 kW HT series inverters, as well as hybrid and retrofit single-phase inverters. Both companies say the product selection was a strategic decision to meet the specific requirements of the distributed generation market.

Fabio Mendes, GoodWe's Vice President of South America, said, "The partnership with Aldo is a strategic milestone for GoodWe and demonstrates our long-term commitment to the Brazilian solar market. Together, we are expanding our distribution capabilities and reinforcing our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the distributed generation sector. We are confident that this partnership will strengthen our position in the country.”

1. GoodWe leverages the distribution network already established by local distributors to significantly reduce market entry barriers such as logistics and local customer acquisition costs.

Aldo Solar, Brazil's largest solar distributor, already has a well-established distribution network in the country, which eliminates the need for GoodWe to set up and manage its own distribution logistics from scratch. JinkoSolar has also partnered with Aldo Solar. Essentially, GoodWe leverages existing resources and relationships to maximize market penetration efficiency and minimize the risk of entering new markets. This allows GoodWe to focus more on products and innovations rather than market entry barriers.

2. GoodWe's selection of inverters reflects its comprehensive coverage strategy for different market segments.

For large-scale PV projects, GoodWe selected HT series inverters. HT series is a series of grid-connected inverter products launched by GoodWe to cope with the era of high-power modules, with a maximum DC input current of 15A per string, in addition to perfectly matching high-current modules, HT series also has 12 MPPTs, supports 1.5 times the ultra-high-capacity ratio, and the maximum conversion efficiency can reach 99%. The hybrid and retrofit single-phase inverters are more targeted at the small and medium-sized industrial and commercial storage market to meet the needs of customers on and off the grid under different conditions.

3. GoodWe is positioned in the Brazilian market as an integrated solutions provider, not just a product supplier.

In addition to providing products, GoodWe will also provide product life cycle services including technical support, installation guidance and after-sales service, which will enable GoodWe to closely integrate with the global trend of distributed generation customer service and become a key partner in customers' energy management work. In addition, the extension of the 10-year warranty to 25 years is also a strategic move by GoodWe to build trust and long-term relationships in the local market. Essentially, the local and established distributors in Brazil have earned GoodWe more room for customer trust; Through a long-term strategy, GoodWe has the potential to build a long-term foundation of trust with the local market.


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