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Switzerland Adds 1.5 GW of New Photovoltaic Capacity in 2023

published: 2024-05-20 15:28

According to data released by the Swiss Photovoltaic Association, Swissolar, Switzerland added 1.5 GW of new PV capacity in 2023, marking a 40% increase compared to the 1.07 GW added in 2022. The cumulative PV capacity has reached 6.2 GW. Since 2017, Switzerland's annual growth rate in PV capacity has increased sixfold. Swissolar attributes this year's growth to tax rebates for small and medium-sized ground-mounted PV systems, which led to a 28.5% year-on-year increase in rooftop PV installations.

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) reported that in the first quarter of 2024, approximately 603 MW of PV capacity were registered for subsidies with the Swiss government agency Pronovo, reflecting an 81% increase compared to the same period last year. In March alone, 6,112 facilities registered for subsidies with Pronovo, amounting to a capacity of 197 MW. This growth was mainly driven by the increase in large PV systems over 100 kW, while the installation of small PV systems under 100 kW stagnated in the first quarter. According to SFOE records, there has also been an increase in the number of PV systems installed on building facades. 2024 In the first quarter, Pronovo received 484 registrations for facade-mounted PV systems totaling 6.7 MW.

At the 2011 PV conference, Switzerland set a goal to achieve a 10% share of photovoltaic power generation by 2025. This target is now expected to be surpassed as early as 2024, with an annual production of 6.2 TWh. The winter production in 2024 is projected to be around 2 TWh, equivalent to 50% of the average electricity import demand in recent years. Photovoltaic power generation has significantly contributed to Switzerland's energy supply security during winter.

According to the Swiss Electricity Law, by 2035, PV power generation will increase fivefold from current levels, and by 2050, it is projected to provide 45 TWh of electricity, a nearly tenfold increase. Given the ambitious expansion targets, Switzerland must develop all potential PV installations, with rooftops and facades remaining the focus.

Switzerland is undergoing a fundamental shift in energy supply, and photovoltaics play a crucial role in achieving "net zero." The total annual available photovoltaic power in Switzerland exceeds 100 TWh, most of which can be harnessed from buildings. In the future, photovoltaic power will become a pillar of Switzerland's secure and clean energy supply.


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