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Tesla's Shanghai Energy Storage Superfactory officially opened with an annual capacity of 40GWh!

published: 2024-05-24 17:26

On May 23, Tesla held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Shanghai Energy Storage Superfactory in Lingang, Shanghai. Following the ceremony, Lingang Group and Tesla signed a contract for China's first batch of Megapack ultra-large commercial electrochemical energy storage systems, marking a new chapter in Tesla's business in China.

At the ceremony, Tesla's Senior Vice President Zhu Xiaotong stated, "Tesla is committed to solving fundamental issues in transportation and energy with disruptive technology, forming a vertically integrated innovation ecosystem spanning electric vehicles, energy storage products, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Tesla's energy storage business is a crucial component of our diversification strategy, leading the global energy storage market with advanced technology and innovative products. The commencement of the Shanghai Energy Storage Superfactory will undoubtedly further cement Tesla's leading position in the energy storage sector and promote the advancement of the global green energy industry."

Mike Snyder, Tesla’s Senior Director of Energy and Charging, expressed via a pre-recorded video, "We are immensely grateful for the continued strong support from the Shanghai and Lingang governments, which has enabled the rapid commencement of construction for the Tesla Energy Storage Superfactory."

The Tesla Shanghai Energy Storage Superfactory is Tesla's first energy storage facility outside the United States. On the same day, Lingang Group signed a contract with Tesla for the first batch of Megapack ultra-large commercial electrochemical energy storage systems in China. This signifies a new chapter for Tesla's business in China and supports Lingang's new area in its strategy to build a low-carbon city and achieve its "dual carbon" goals.

The Shanghai Energy Storage Superfactory will produce Tesla’s Megapack ultra-large commercial electrochemical energy storage systems, with production expected to begin in the first quarter of 2025. The factory is projected to have an annual capacity of 10,000 units, with a storage scale of nearly 40 GWh.

The primary customer base for Megapack includes B2B users such as grid operators, utility companies, independent power producers, large industrial and commercial users, and renewable energy project developers. These customers typically require large-scale energy storage systems to balance power supply and demand, stabilize the grid, enhance renewable energy utilization, participate in power market transactions, or serve as backup power.

Last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the "Master Plan 3" during an Investor Day event, live-streamed globally. He stated that achieving a sustainable energy economy requires meeting the following goals: 240 TWh of energy storage, 30 TWh of renewable electricity, and $10 trillion of investment in manufacturing.

Public reports suggest that Tesla chose to establish an energy storage factory in China due to the country’s extensive new energy industry chain and favorable investment environment.

Source:PV Box

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