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Sunwoda signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Keystone to strengthen business cooperation in core components such as lithium-ion batteries

published: 2024-06-13 15:33

On June 12, Sunwoda issued an announcement on the company's intention to sign a "strategic cooperation agreement" with Keystone.

According to the announcement, Sunwoda and Keystone plan to sign a "strategic cooperation agreement", and the two sides will strengthen the coordination of the industrial chain in the future and actively cooperate in the core components of lithium-ion batteries and other related businesses. Through the strategic cooperation between the two parties, the team can complement each other's advantages, help both parties to further improve product quality, improve product excellence, reduce comprehensive costs, improve the process technology, product quality and after-sales service of related products. Thue both of them can realize the future market expansion strategy of both parties and obtain a larger market share, and create greater business value for both parties.

Sunwoda said that the two companies, as the advantages of their respective fields, carry out cooperation aims to strengthen the supply chain coordination, fully integrate the advantages of both technologies, resources, complementary advantages, and achieve win-win cooperation. At the same time, this cooperation is conducive to the establishment of a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship between the two sides, is conducive to the sales of the company's lithium battery products, and is conducive to improving the company's overall profitability.


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