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Enpower announced a major breakthrough in all-solid-state batteries

published: 2024-06-12 18:03

On June 12, Enpower announced that it had made a major breakthrough in the field of all-solid-state batteries, and its new large-capacity all-solid-state batteries could achieve hundreds of stable charging and discharging cycles in a stress-free environment, and the capacity retention rate remained above 85%.

This technological breakthrough in the field of all-solid-state batteries undoubtedly provides strong technical and power support for key applications such as drones and electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) in the low-altitude economy.

It is understood that Enpower was established in July 2012 and focuses on the field of lithium metal batteries and solid-state batteries. Since 2017, Enpower has been committed to the research and development of sulfide all-solid-state batteries, including the research and development of core technologies such as all-solid-state electrolytes and lithium metal anodes.

In October 2021, Enpower successfully developed a lithium metal solid-state battery with an energy density of up to 520Wh/kg. At the end of 2022, Enpower successfully developed a 18650 cylindrical battery with an energy density of 389Wh/kg.

In August 2023, Enpower and SoftBank jointly released a 1-10Ah all-solid-state lithium metal cell, using a sulfide electrolyte and a lithium metal anode, with an energy density of 300Wh/kg.

In January this year, Enpower announced that it had developed a new semi-solid-state battery A sample, which is expected to increase the driving range by 73%. In previous tests, the sample A 72kWh battery pack was tested on a Tier 1 electric vehicle, increasing the range from 110 miles to 190 miles in a standard battery pack.

In terms of safety performance, the application of Enpower sulfide all-solid-state electrolyte fundamentally avoids the risk of liquid electrolyte leakage and the remaining risk of explosion of ordinary semi-solid-state batteries, which greatly improves the safety of the battery.

In terms of projects, in November 2023, Enpower held a ceremony for the completion and commissioning of the GWh-level advanced battery intelligent manufacturing base in Daxing, Beijing. The products put into production are high-energy SWIFT series products with an energy density of 300-350Wh/kg.

In May this year, it was reported that the Japanese branch of Enpower Power was establishing a new base "Yokohama Technology Center" in Tohama Town, Kanazawa District, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The center is currently under construction and is scheduled to begin operations this summer. The site will have a prototype production line, laboratories and offices.

In terms of patented technology, Enpower has built a complete system. For example, in the preparation of all-solid-state battery materials, high-stability sulfide solid-state electrolyte materials have been synthesized in batches through effective doping modification and efficient synthesis process, and the ionic conductivity at room temperature is > 10mS/cm.

The accumulation and breakthrough of technology have also opened the door to commercial application for Enli, and the company has cooperated with a number of well-known enterprises to apply all-solid-state battery technology to many fields. Among them, the HAPS test flight of the lithium metal solid-state battery released by Softbank was successful.

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