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PV Price Trend Sees Strong Recovery, Especially in Upstream and Multi-si Cell Sectors: Price Trend

published: 2017-05-04 14:15

Demand boom drove by China’s installation rush in advance of June 30 continues. During this week, PV module sector was the only exception to the overall price rise across the PV value chain.

Upstream PV sector saw relatively strong price rebound. EnergyTrend found that price of polysilicon has maintained at approximately RMB 100 per kg, a similar level with in last week. Although it is expected that polysilicon’s price will further rise, this trend will unlikely be realized until the second half of this week due to less trade volume within the May-first holidays.

Being benefited from the demand boom by June 30, quotes of ultra-high-efficiency multi-si wafers has converged to US$0.60 per piece, while price of standard multi-si wafers has also been stimulated to rise. Taiwan-made multi-si wafers’ price has significantly rebounded, and China-made products’ price has increased by RMB 0.01 ~0.02 per piece. Multi-si wafers’ price can be further go upward if price of multi-si cells continues to increase and release more room for price rise.

Multi-si cell sector was the winner among this wave of demand boom since both high efficiency products and 18.2% efficiency products saw price rise. Taiwan-made high-efficiency multi-si PV cells have increased their price to US$0.21 per watt. On the other hand, price of Taiwan-made standard multi-si cells, whose rise scale was larger than China-made ones, has increased by US$0.002~0.004 per watt and lessened the makers’ business stress caused by loss.

Price of mono-si PV cells continued to increase, and quote of Taiwan-made mono-si PERC cells even topped US$0.325 per watt.

Lat but not the least, quote of PV modules has maintained at the same level with in the last week. Stronger demand from the end market could help boost the price.

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