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Chinese Demand by June 30th Slows Down, and PV Price Rise Scale Shrinks: Price Trend

published: 2017-05-11 15:51

PV industry’s upstream and downstream manufacturers have boosted their shipment near the mid-May, in order to satisfy orders by June 30th in China. However, procurement momentum on the demand side has gradually weakened. Thus, each section of supply chain began to shrink their price rise scale.

Polysilicon price broke a threshold, surpassing RMB 115 per kg. Production capacities have recently reached full utilization rates, and nearly all production schedules of May were booked. As a result, the price is expected to remain at around RMB 115 per kg. However, the market expects that PV demand after June 30th will cool down, so price rise scale was limited during this week.

Benefited by Chinese installation rush by June 30th, ultra-high-efficiency multi-si wafer and high-efficiency multi-si wafer almost have all of their capacitis booked. Ultra-high-efficiency si wafer price quotation maintained at US $0.60 per pc. In China, high-efficiency multi-si wafer manufacturers tried to raise price quotation up by RMB 0.03-0.05 per pc. Moreover, currently there are no inventories of high-efficiency multi-si wafer, if there are any rush orders, prices might see another wave of hiking.

For now, most of si wafer manufacturers' shipment schedules have been booked to the early June. If the wave of procurement momentum begins to weaken, another wave of price fall will show – starting from the first ten days of June to the latest. Moreover, under-supplied mono-si wafer price quotation slightly rose up by RMB 0.03-0.08 per piece this week because end-market demand stayed hot.

Regarding to PV cells, most manufacturers had received maximum orders. High-efficiency multi-si PV cell price quotation increased by RMB 0.02-0.05 per watt. If any manufacturer still has surplus inventory to ship out, the price quotation is estimated to exceed RMB 1.7 per watt very soon, an equivalent to US $0.21 per watt.

Standard multi-si PV cell price quotation stayed the same as that in the previous week, not much differences. Mono-si PERC cells price quotation has amounted to US $0.325 per watt. Few manufacturers managed to surpasse US $0.33 per watt.

As to module sector, procurement momentum has slowed down, so the price quotation remained consistent to that in last week. Strong sales momentum will have to depend on rising end-market demand. 

(Analysis provided by Celeste Tsai, analyst at EnergyTrend; translated by Janet Chen, a translator of TrendForce Corp.)

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