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EnergyTrend 2010Q1 Industry Report - xEVs and Batteries

published: 2010-05-06 15:32


With the change of our environment, trends of green energy have become an indispensable consideration in the development process for many industries. The transportation industry, which accounts for 60% of carbon dioxide emissions, is actively seeking solutions for a transformation. As a result, products and issues surrounding xEVs have garnered more and more attention in recent years.

In the next five years, the xEVs sector will develop different products applications for different regions. North America, for example, is where the petroleum is more heavily used than electricity; hence, the development of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) and the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) takes priority. Meanwhile, for countries eager to become independent of oil, such as Israel and Japan, the development of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is an important focus.

In terms of product categories, HEV prices will gradually lower to more acceptable levels ($20k~25k), and PHEV will come out soon with prices ranging from $35k to 45k. Additionally, BEV is actively seeking to advance the development of various technologies and external services. We will focus on the development of all xEVs and the trends of the lithium-ion battery Industry.  

What is EnergyTrend Value Member?

EnergyTrend is an information platform for green energy industries providing the latest industry trends, product information, in-depth research analysis as well as industry interviews. Our research scope include various green industries from solar energy, energy batteries to xEvs.

The primary service of the recently launched value member program by EnergyTrend is market research reports on current industry situations, production capacities, market trends, and application products. Our reports can help you better understand the green energy industry and its trends through the insightful analysis by EnergyTrend research analysts.

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Standard Price: 3,000 USD for solar energy, 3,000 USD for xEVs and batteries.

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