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EnergyTrend 2010Q1 Industry Report - Solar Energy

published: 2010-05-06 16:22

EnergyTrend 2010Q1 Industry Report - Solar Energy

Energy security and energy supply concerns have become a national concern around the world. With reasons, such as the deterioration of the overall environment, the gradual depletion of conventional fossil energy reserves, and the increasing energy demand from emerging economies, the development of clean and renewable energies has become an inevitable trend.

Based on EnergyTrend’s observation, different regions have different developmental targets for clean and renewable energies under the influence of natural conditions and government policies. Europe is currently most active in setting goals for renewable energy development.

According to EU’s plans, greenhouse gas emissions will be decreased by 20% in 2020 and the proportion of renewable energy will be increased to above 20% in the total energy consumption. Hence, Europe takes the leading role in global solar energy and wind power markets and technologies.

Ranked in the top three of the world’s coal reserves, China and U.S. highly depend on the conventional fossil energy, both actively work on the development of the clean coal and biomass energy (bio-ethanol and bio-diesel). Japan, however, makes great efforts to develop technologies related to solar energy and fuel cells due to its geographical limitations; Brazil, in contrast, with the support of abundant natural resources, started the bio-ethanol development as early as 20 years ago.

Therefore, EnergyTrend will continue to keep track of the development of the overall energy trend and transformation in all regions worldwide for the next five years.

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