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Solar Cell Price to Remain Flat or Slightly Decline in 2010 due to Market noise and Euro Weakness

published: 2010-07-15 14:01

According to EnergyTrend’s survey, although market noise appears in the solar energy market, the cell price continues to hike in June, 2010, stabilizing the upward trend in 1H10, but the increase narrows.

The statistics analysis of EnergyTrend shows that solar cell price only rose by 1.4% in June, 2010, with average price at $1.42 per Watt. As the market still held a wait-and-see attitude toward the 1H10 market demand, cell price in Q1 fell slightly by 5.1% QoQ. However, the demand keeps rising after the 2010 spring festival, leading the cell price up since March to grow 6.9% QoQ in Q2 in response to the current status of global solar energy market.

On the other hand, the sharp fluctuations in eurozone exchange rates have raised the risk in foreign exchanges for manufacturers, forcing most cell makers to quote in USD instead. However, in light of the module market, as major clients are in Europe, the dual track system of quotation in both Euro and USD remains in operation.  

EnergyTrend observes that the quotes by cell makers in 2H10 will stay flat under the influence of Euro weakness. Besides, earlier market rumor said that Germany is likely to postpone the feed-in tariff adjustment. The market is more visible now that the new subsidy proposal has been submitted to the upper house of parliament for approval.

Moreover, although the wafer production capacity seems insufficient at current stage, middle and downstream makers are relatively conservative about the demand outlook in 2H10.  With new capacities to get ready later, it is expected that the undersupply will end in the latter half of the year. Therefore, the price in the solar energy Industry will keep flat or even slightly decline in 2H10.

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