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Prospects of New Energy Vehicle under the Framework of China’s 12th Five-year Plan

published: 2010-11-22 17:56

China’s pursue of high economic growth has increased its dependence on petroleum and subsequently increased carbon dioxide emissions. On average, carbon emissions from transportation account for more than 16% of the total emission of a city in China. Reducing the dependence on fossil fuel and carbon emissions has never been more important.

Looking forward to the future, continually increased global development of green economy is an inevitable trend and China is no exception. China is striving to set forth a comprehensive plan detailing guidance for assisting industries reform in order to make sure the country’s competitiveness. As China’s 11th five-year plan is coming to an end, the 12th five-year plan is pointing to new investment directions. There are three major principles involved: development of rural areas to balance domestic economic growth, more stable financial systems for rational investments to avoid overspeculation, and development of emerging industries to ensure sustainability, including areas of green energy, green materials, and new energy vehicles. The development of new energy vehicles consists of a wide range of investments from integration of hardware and software to infrastructure readiness. We can see China is no longer just playing its role of world’s factory but, instead, is trying hard to create and leverage its domestic demand to attract more related industry clusters to take firm root on its soil.


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Table of Contents
Background and Prospects of New Energy Vehicles in China
New Turning Point & Opportunities from China’s 12th Five-year Plan
China’s New Energy Vehicle Plans
Infrastructure Plans

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