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Key Factors for Future Success of the CIGS Industry

published: 2010-12-08 17:57

Looking forward at the supply and demand of the solar industry in 2011, unpredictable market conditions and lack of a leading technical pioneer have resulted in different market noises. The development trend of CIGS technology, which is widely believed to become the main stream technology, holds the key to the future success of the industry.

Macro economically speaking, European, American, and Japanese companies still possess more advanced technological advantages. On the other hand, the solar industry in Taiwan is still structuring the technical road map and currently has no single main stream technology. Each technology has its own competitive advantages and thus makes it hard for the industry to restructure. Yet, the choice of technological adoption is going to greatly influence how the value chain is going to cluster.EnergyTrend put together a series of study on CIGS technology, analyzing the key factors influencing the future success of the industry from the perspectives of technology, material and equipments. We strive to provide solutions for companies to plan ahead and take advantage of the market conditions to be better able to compete globally.

EnergyTrend analyzes manufactures’ capacity, raw material prices, product prices and costs, and using statistics to depict current solar industry every month, and updates primary statistics every quarter.

Table of Contents
Global Industry Overview
CIGS Composition and Production Analysis
Key Success Factors - Technology / Materials / Equipments / Bankability

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