Lithium Battery in Consumer Product Application

published: 2010-12-30 9:38 | editor: | category: Analysis

The growth of consumer electronic products in 2010 has accelerated the growth of batteries cells at the same time. According to EnergyTrend, prices of low capacity batteries will reach the bottom in 2011 and Japanese manufacturers are gradually inclined to downstream packaging business. As a result, battery cell price cut will slow down and in order to stimulate demand for end products, high capacity batteries will start to surge in commercialization.

From the viewpoint of battery cells, EnergyTrend believes that polymer cells will incur 5% overdemand; prismatic cells will show supply-demand balance or slight oversupply; and cylindrical cells will incur 15% oversupply in 2011. It is observed that big consumer electronics brands have adopted different sourcing practices that altered the industry shape. In addition, supply chain integration and market uncertainty all together make the outlook for lithium batteries in 2011 unclear.
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EnergyTrend publishes quarterly reports and our analysts carefully look into production capacities of key manufacturers within the supply chain and fluctuations in prices of raw materials, key components and consumer products. We use these real-time statistics to depict and forecast the market while tracking the technology development and product applications to capture the latest industry trends. Our research reports can offer a convenient way to grasp early business opportunities.

Table of Contents
Cell Industry
Country Risks for Global Battery Supply
Price-cut for Low Capacity Batteries Slowed
High Capacity Batteries to Start Surging in Commercialization
End-Product Applications Accelerate Cell Growth
Outlook in 2011: Polymer / Prismatic / Cylindrical Cell
Package Industry
Pack House Business Status
Different Strategic Sourcing Practices Across Different Consumer Electronics Brands
Cell Houses’ Status on In-House Packing
End Supply Chain & Product Demand Current Situation
Cylindrical Cell Supply Chain Status

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