Effects of Prolonging Subsidy Policies on the U.S. Solar Market

published: 2011-02-23 17:37 | editor: | category: Analysis
Carbon reduction has become a global trend and solar energy has always been considered as an alternative source of energy. The U.S. government has shown positive support for the solar industry by prolonging subsidy policies. The latest research report by EnergyTrend, a subsidiary research division of TrendForce Corp., discusses the effects on and impetus to the solar industry that such change of subsidy policies may give.

EnergyTrend publishes quarterly reports and our analysts carefully look into production capacities of key manufacturers within the supply chain and fluctuations in prices of raw materials, key components and consumer products. We use these real-time statistics to depict and forecast the market while tracking the technology development and product applications to capture the latest industry trends. Our research reports can offer a convenient way to grasp early business opportunities. Please subscribe the membership for more detailed analysis.


Table of Contents:

  • TGP (Treasury Grant Program)
  • MITC (Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit)
    Impacts of Cash Grant Program on the U.S. Solar Market

  • PV Sector
  • CSP Sector
    Impacts of MITC on the U.S. Solar Market

  • PV Sector
  • CSP Sector

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