EnergyTrend: Taiwanese Battery Manufacturers Take Aggressive Moves to Enter the Power Battery Field

published: 2011-04-12 17:39 | editor: | category: Analysis

As electric vehicles gained popularity in recent years, Taiwanese manufacturers have been placinging more and more emphasis on the power battery field. It is estimated that in the lithium battery industry, over 70% of battery-related component makers have shifted their focus to the power battery field. Therefore, a number of manufacturers start to raise fund in order to make a breakthrough into the electric car market. For instance, Taiwanese battery powder manufacturer Formosa Energy & Material Technology Co., Ltd. (FEMTC) has turned in documents for initial public offering (IPO) at stock exchange on March 31, 2011, which is expected to be listed in 2H11. Furthermore, Aleees also applied for primary listing of securities with the stock exchange. EnergyTrend estimates that it will stimulate an investment fever in the battery indsutry in 2H11.

According to the observation of EnergyTrend, a research division of TrendForce, the prospects of Taiwanese manufacturers in the power battery field drew a great amount of attention at Battery Japan which was held in early March. For instance, FEMTC has extended its LFPO material supply into conductive carbon additive to meet the diverse needs of battery cell manufacturers. HOPAX also exhibited a variety of material additives. Moreover, Chang Hong, whose technology was transferred from FEMTC, also first launched the 50Ah power battery at this exhibit. Besides, PSI released its self-developed battery leadframe, and C-Life Technology showcased its battery cell with a high power output (>10C). In addition, Chen Tech, which was known for battery testing, has started process of transforming into a power battery cell and module testing equipment maker in response to the rise of power cell field.

Chart 1. Taiwan-Power Battery Market Growth: Material Manufacturers

Chart 2. Taiwan-Power Battery Market Growth: Battery Cell Manufacturers and Equipment Makers

At this exhibition, one of the most impressive products was the 50 Ah stacked LFPO battery cell newly launched by Chang Hong Energy Technology, whose technology was transferred from FEMTC. The battery did not pale in comparison with that of big names such as A123 and Hitachi in terms of energy density and power density performance. In the light of FEMTC’s brillant performance on integrating its the anode material supply with the battery cell manufacturing, Taiwanese manufacturers’ endeavors put into the power battery industry are starting to pay off.

Chart 3. Battery Cell Sepcification Performances

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