PV Expo Show Report: Ablytek Exhibited New Solar Module with 15.83% Conversion Efficiency

published: 2011-03-22 10:13 | editor: | category: Show Report

Ablytek, a solar energy company known for its high-efficiency solar modules, exhibited new solar module which used 6” monocrystalline solar cells and achieved 15.83% conversion efficiency. Ablytek provides 6x10 and 5x10 cell configurations, with emphasis on the latter for the Japanese market.

Charles Hou, general manager of Ablytek, stated that orders from Europe accounted for 95% of sales revenues in 2010; orders from Taiwan accounted for the rest. With the Japanese market being the major focus of the year, Ablytek is seeking cooperation with Japanese manufactures in forming a subsidiary company in Japan in March.

Ablytek, whose current capacity is 25MW, will build a second production line in response to the customer demand. Equipment is expected to be installed in Q2, and the production will go into mass production in Q3. It is estimated that it will increase Ablytek’s capacity to 50MW in 2011. On the other hand, on account of the fact that standard products’ gross profit is merely 5% to 10%, in order to increase company’s profit, Ablytek begins to put effort into developing niche products. So far, Ablytek has launched niche products such as solar curvature modules and solar roof tiles, and will continue to increase the production of niche products in the future.

Ablytek’s current capitalization is NT$ 450 million, and the major shareholders include Axuntek(20%), Min Aik(22%) and management team(18%). The shareholding is relatively stable. Ablytek plans to go public in 2012 and register on the emerging stock market in 2013.


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