PV Expo Show Report: SOLARJOIN to Become an Uprising Star in PV Ribbon and EVA Film Industry

published: 2011-03-23 17:17 | editor: | category: Show Report

PV Expo Show Report: SOLARJOIN to Become an Uprising Star in PV Ribbon and EVA Film Industry

SOLARJOIN exhibited relevant products for PV Ribbon application, including products using Sn-Pb-Ag solder and Lead-free PV products using Sn-Cu-Ag and Sn-Ag solder. Mr. Aaron Huang, deputy general manager of SOLARJOIN, stated that Shenmao Technology’s nearly 30 years of dedication to Taiwanese solder industry contributes to its leading position among solder manufacturers and its advanced knowledge in terms of material characteristics and manufacturing processes, which enables it to successfully develop PV Ribbon products. Shenmao Technology founded SOLARJOIN on January 1st, 2011, whose current capitalization is NT$ 20 million and is exclusively devoted to development and marketing of PV Ribbon products.

Mr. Aaron Huang indicated that currently the lead-free manufacturing process is not mandatory, which results in a low penetration rate of lead-free PV Ribbon products in the solar market. However, SOLARJOIN has noticed that some manufacturers start to adopt the lead-free manufacturing process this year, and predicts that lead free PV Ribbon products will be in production in the second half of the year at the soonest.

Moreover, Mr. Huang stated that solar cells will become thinner and thinner in the future, which signifies the effects caused by temperature. Therefore, in order to reduce the possibility of micro-crack happening during the manufacturing process, Sn-Bi products with lower operating temperature will be the future trend of PV Ribbon application.

Aside from PV Ribbon products, SOLARJOIN has been putting effort in the development of EVA film for 2 to 3 years and is currently providing 650mm sample for customers to test, and 1050mm products are planned to go into mass production starting from 2012. It is estimated that the capacity of EVA grainules will reach 200 tons in the first quarter, which will be sufficient to manufacture 250MW(6X10) standard modules.


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