Report on Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Company's New Product Launch Press Conference

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Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co. and China New Energy Chamber of Commerce together held a seminar addressing 2011’s mono-like silicon technology and market development in conjunction with introduction of Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co.’s new product launch and mass production of mono-like silicon materials to the public. Professionals from government, financial and other solar-related circles all attended the seminar. It is an honor that EnergyTrend was invited to report about this important seminar.

Photo Credit: EnergyTrend

The CEO, Mr. Yang, of Hareonsolar, the Director, Professor Shen, of Institute of Solar Energy at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and President, Mr. Pan, of ZJ Solar individually shared their view of macro economic development, technology research and real-life applications especially emphasizing the innovation and future development of mono-like silicon technology and high efficiency module market.

The CEO of Shanghai Chengtou Holding Co. and Chairman of Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co. Mr. Xin congratulated the company’s technological advancement on behalf of investors and further expressed his strong support and confidence in the company’s bright future.

The CTO of Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co. Mr. Shi introduced to the audience the process of research and development of mono-Si products the company underwent with a detail explanation of the products’ specifications. Mr. Shi said that the company is equipped with testing facilities to conduct in-house testing to ensure reliability and the supply of new product can undoubtedly meet the market demand which can change the current market dynamics of multi-Si and mono-Si products.

The CEO of Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co. Mr. Sun made a speech about the company’s competitive advantage and value creation for its clients.

Photo Credit: EnergyTrend

About International and Chinese Solar Industry Outlook

Global solar industry has been developing fast in recent years, stimulating Chinese solar companies’ development and leading to the birth of Chinese giants who are leading the market in economies of scale, market share, and technology on a global basis. Since equipment, marketing, and material are three common weaknesses of domestic companies and solar industry is highly dependable on government policies, the industry as a whole is particularly vulnerable to market changes.

Though faced with fast changing market, Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co. invested capital on research and development to accumulate its technology advantage and advance its quality to optimize its capital structure. The solar market is progressing to become a monopolistic competition market in 2011 and Chinese companies that solely rely on manufacturing equipment and capacity expansion will face more challenge.

Recent Italian government’s subsidy cut has directly impacted the solar industry making it hard for the industry to maintain its growth. The CEO of Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co. Mr. Sun pointed out that the changes in European markets, especially Italian market, has caused much pressure on the global solar supply chain from module, cell to materials since 1Q11.

In the long run (next 5 years), the solar industry still holds a bright future. From national policies’ point of view, various countries now see solar energy as an important optional source of energy after the Japanese quake. From market’s perspective, Germany, being the largest single market for the solar industry, announced abolishment of nuclear energy which is a catalyst after slowing market development in recent years. Other regions such North America, India, China, and Africa are all capable of supporting the development of large scaled solar power stations. These emerging solar markets also show promising potential for solar development in the future.

However, market restructure is inevitable. It is believed that the solar industry will undergo a series of phases of market consolidation through technology advancement, cost reduction, elimination of inadequate participants, and gradual achievement of grid parity. The industry consolidation is necessary and inevitable as a result for years to come.

Mr. Sun also believes that it is for the industry’s best interest for Chinese companies to adjust the speed of capacity expansion in a rational way.

Mono-like Silicon Products and Technology

Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co. has gained solid outcome through its investment in research and development of various technologies in the past two years such as low pollution and energy saving technologies, high efficiency and low cost dicing technology and quality control technology that allows instant shutdown of system in the event of quality standards’ breaches. Some of these technological advancements have achieved practicality in applications and some are ready for mass production.

There is a number of companies that are currently providing mono-like silicon products with different manufacturing techniques. Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co. developed its own technology that set the industry’s record to ever start production in the shortest time. The announcement at the forum is to spread the word that the company is now capable of mass production of the new product which has passed professional tests of many domestic cell makers as well as providing excellent services to clients.

Recently, JA Solar also launched its new mono-like silicon cells which retain advantages of high efficiency, lower manufacturing cost than multi-si cells and better suitability for mass production.

A number of investment firms believe that it is possible for mono-like silicon furnace to become the mainstream technology and replace the traditional mono-si and multi-si furnaces.

About Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co.

Anyang Fenghuang PV Technological Co., founded in April 2009, is located in Henan Province with a capital of 150 million RMB and capital assets worth of 1.58 billion RMB. The company is devoted to solar ingots, dicing and slicing, and solar cells. Its sales revenue totaled 880 million RMB in 2010 to which was contributed by 20 million US dollars of export. The company set up an operation center in Shanghai in March 2011 that oversees the business strategies, sales, investment, and procurement of the company.

The company accumulated its market status in just two years time and realized production lines comprising 12 furnaces. In order to compete for market share, the company shipped the furnaces from America by air and completed custom paper work and installation on site fast enough to reduce the time frame to 7 days which would otherwise have been 2 months under usual circumstances. The company paid additional 2 million RMB for the air shipment in exchange for 53 days saved.

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