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The first Wind EXPO draws attention from related industries

published: 2013-03-13 11:37

With wind power and solar power being greatly promoted by the Japanese government, business opportunities among related industries were booming, and at this year’s PV EXPO and Wing EXPO, the significant effects of government support on industries were even more obvious. Almost all major manufacturers of the global wind power industry participated in this year’s Wind EXPO and introduced their latest solutions. Moreover, because the structure of wind turbines is more complex, the cooperation of various manufacturers is required; if more complex offshore wind turbines were also taken into consideration, more related industries would be involved, and a greater potential demand could be created.

Peripheral industries related to wind power such as metal processing, materials, components, the maritime industry, system construction, planning and measurement, as well as simulation and monitoring have enthusiastically attended this exposition. According to EnergyTrend, Japanese manufacturers that originally belonged to different areas have gathered together at the Wind Expo; one-stop shopping demands were therefore met, and international as well as domestic buyers have all come to the exposition.

According to related industries, although Japan possesses a favorable natural environment and policy conditions, they lacked a platform for international industries to cooperate with domestic industries. This year’s Wind Expo has provided such platform for both sides and created future business opportunities. Denmark, for instance, set a national pavilion at the exposition to introduce both solutions and manufacturers of the wind power to potential buyers in Japan and other countries. Through this exposition, they reinforced their professional status in the wind power industry.

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