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Sharp exhibited a range of new products and technologies at PV EXPO 2014

published: 2014-03-03 17:17

Sharp, Japan’s largest solar panel vendor, exhibited a range of new products and technologies that could help realize a better, energy-smarter life at PV EXPO 2014.

Sharp showed the next-generation solar technologies such as new single crystalline solar cells adopted in BLACKSOLAR panels and dye-sensitized solar cells. The new BLACKSOLAR module could realize higher efficiency by using a back-contact structure while the dye-sensitized solar cells could be applied to walls to give them power-generating characteristics.

For the residential solar power generation system, an energy solution that combined Sharp’s BLACKSOLAR high-efficiency solar modules, a power storage device, the EcoCute heat-pump waterheating system, and electric vehicles (EVs).

On the other hand, Sharp’s commercial solar power generation system included solar modules with increased output capacity and mounting frames that had a minimal number of parts for fast and easy installation. Sharp offers various proposals, from mega-solar plants to small-scale commercial systems with great power-generation performance and ease-of-installation. For mega-solar plants, Sharp is a total solutions provider involved in every part of the value chain, including system design, equipment procurement, construction, repair and maintenance, and operation management.

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