SNEC 2014: High-Efficiency Products Become Mainstream, Distributed PV and Service Integration Seize Market Share in China

published: 2014-05-22 18:20 | editor: | category: Show Report

Due to the postponement of the US-China anti-dumping and countervailing preliminary ruling, manufacturers are optimistic about 2Q14 during this year’s SNEC. Investigated by EnergyTrend during the forum, most manufacturers believed that high shipment will be sustained to mid-July. Meanwhile, Chinese distributed PV market demand will continue to increase, which will motivate manufacturers to come up with corresponding solutions. In this year’s SNEC, PV service integration and high-efficiency products were the focuses.

Indicated by ITRPV’s technology roadmap, high-efficiency products, such as PERC, HJT/HIT, and so on) have become the mainstream. EnergyTrend estimated that relevant products’ market shares will represent around 20% this year, thus, manufacturers have tried to improve their production processes to pursue higher efficiency. Equipment and processing manufacturers have also begun to promote high-efficiency production processes themselves. For example, MeyerBurger, Manz, and Archers, etc. Apart from that, manufacturers pay attention to suppliers’ technology skills and customer service abilities as well. Archers’ R&D team located in both Wuzhong, Jiangsuand Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan are importantpartners. Based on EnergyTrend’s observation, a first-tier Taiwanese manufacturer has started to adopt Archers’ equipments and production processes. At present, they are at pilot run stage and have implemented relevant technologies into current production processes. The result was quite good according to recent product efficiency. In addition to the Taiwanese manufacturer, other first-tier manufacturers have also put many emphases on companies’ technologies and equipments. During the forum, R&D and processing staffs went through an in-depth discussion.

Since high-efficiency products have become the focus for all companies this year and global economy is just recovering, manufacturers’ financial conditions still can’t handle large-scale investment. How to achieve higher efficiency using existing equipments is critical for manufacutrers. Solutions proposed by MeyerBurger and Archers happened to match manufacturers’ thoughts. Moreover, technologies developed by relevant companies are mature enough to be used during mass production stage. These will be first evaluated by relevant manufacturers.

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