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Sun is Shining in Antalya, Turkey (RENSEF)

published: 2014-09-22 17:29
Agoras Exhibition Services, General Manager

There is less then two months left to the 2nd Edition of RENSEF Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition we are organizing in Antalya, Turkey. Excitement peaks. We are starting the final preparations.

As the marketing and sales efforts of our exhibition continue, we made significant contacts in Ankara, the capital of Turkey last week. We had a meeting with Ministry of Energy and Natural Sources - Renewable Energy General Director Yusuf Yazar, Assistant General Director Ramazan Uslu, Renewable Energy Sources Department Head Sebahattin Oz and New Technologies and Support Division head Fatih Yazitas in the Ministry building's General Directorate of Renewable Energy. Renewable Energy General Director Mr. Yusuf Yazar mentioned that they have been following the RENSEF Exhibition since it's start last year with interest and that they have heard good news about RENSEF.

Our next stop was the approval platforms of licensed and unlicensed projects, TEIAS (Turkey Electricity Transmission) and TEDAS (Turkey Electricity Distribution).

We separately visited TEIAS Research Planning and Coordination Department Transmission Planning and Coordination director Ms. Nurhan Ozan and TEDAS General Directorate R&D Planning and Foreign Affairs Division Transmission Grids Planning and Updating Assistant Directors Mr. Bilal Simsek and Ms. Serpil Koksal. We shared the delay stories of projects that we heard during our talks with the industry stakeholders. We asked their opinions. Mr. Bilal Simsek mentioned that they expanded the team to 8 engineers from 3 to speed up the approval process.

Finally, we visited Mr. Faruk Telemcioglu the Secretary-General of GUNDER (International Solar Energy Society) in his office.

We invited all the executives to our exhibition during our visits. We talked about current issues and industry agenda. We asked them how can we organize the RENSEF Exhibition in a better way and we got their opinions. The general opinion of our conversations are as follows; even though it began at a rate far below expectations, the construction of Solar Power Plants have started. The first projects have already been approved. The first projects that generate electricity out of the sun have come to life. In the following days, the industry will see the sun a little more by getting rid of cloudy weather conditions.

RENSEF Exhibition and Forum between October 30 - November 02, 2014 in Turkey, Antalya seem to be organized at the beginning of that more sunny days.

We expect to see all of you in RENSEF 2014 Exhibition and Forum!

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