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Less than 2 months for the opening of the first edition of photovoltaica

published: 2014-09-29 11:59

From the 4th until the 6th of November 2014, Casablanca will wellcome some of the world's leading experts on solar photovoltaic energy. The round tables will present first hand information on a sector for its potential in Africa is huge.

The photovoltaica conference is the official "Energy" event of the year, where the Moroccan Ministry of Energy shall announce the new provosopns of the Moroccan Legal Framework that opens the medium-voltage market to competition.

The conference will bring together other African counterparts accompanied by representatice delegations. The key African countries in this developing market such as Senegal, Ivery Coast, Tunisia, South Africa, Mali, Gabon, Guinea, etc. are already part of this major event. A platform that reflects Morocco's desire to become the regional hub for investors in energy, in this  case, photovoltaics.

Three days  of strategic meeting that will focus on the PV market in the world, but especially in the African continent. Don't miss this unique opportunity to know what is going on in the African PV market and to exchange experience and opinions with the market's key stakeholders.

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