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Scale of PV EXPO Reaches New High, World Smart Energy Week to Become the World’s Largest Energy Exhibition

published: 2015-03-02 17:58

World Smart Energy Week held by Reed Exhibitions Japan (Reed Japan) is comprised of nine exhibitions. It has become the largest and most complete energy exhibition. The scale for this year’s World Smart Energy Week is five times last year, reaching a milestone for Tokyo Big Sight. Yoichiro Ayabe, show director of Reed Japan, indicated in the press conference that World Smart Energy Week will continue to expand in the future.

Right: Yoichiro Ayabe, show director of Reed Japan/Left: Yuki Omichi, Media organizer of World Smart Energy Week

Exhibition Characteristics of 2015 

World Smart Energy Week first began with FC EXPO, then PV EXPO, Int’l Smart Grid EXPO, and other international exhibitions. It has long been recognized as Japan’s largest and Asia’s major international exhibition of PV solar and renewable energy. There were 1580 manufacturers participating in the event, hitting a new record. The participants were estimated to reach eighty thousand, aiming for ten thousand people.

PV EXPO and PV System EXPO are the most-watched exhibitions during World Smart Energy Week, occupying four exhibition halls in Big Sight east hall this year. “The scale for this year’s PV system EXPO is up 1.5 times and there are more contents regarding different applications and maintenances rather than simply PV systems,” said Ayabe. EnergyTrend also noticed that there was plenty of information related to construction tools, monitoring, maintenance, cleaning, weeding, and waterproofing in the exhibition, which shows Japan’s tremendous effort in application side.

Toyo Keiki Company displayed its meter and monitoring equipments in PV System EXPO

In the meantime, Reed Japan delivers the first Energy Liberalisation EXPO before Japan’s electricity liberation in 2016, this allows exhibitors and attendees to build connections, providing them more choices within energy options. Ayabe pointed out that Energy Liberation EXPO will gradually become the main event during World Smart Energy Week in the future. Its size may even be doubled next year.

Participation from Global Manufacturers, Communication among Global Clients

PV EXPO aims to provide a platform for exhibitors and clients to build connections, becoming the most important energy exhibitions in the world. Ayabe stated that in addition to Japanese manufacturers, the number of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean manufacturers represent the second largest. Then, it’s German, US, and other European manufacturers.

According to Reed Japan’s statistics, there are about 120 Chinese manufacturers participating in the event this year, a 20% rise from last year. While Chinese producers mostly exhibited cells, modules, frames, and materials, Taiwan producers mainly focused on cells and modules. Ayabe added that US, Europe, and Asia are the three major regions in PV EXPO. Those who joined the event, no matter manufacturers or clients, can expand their visions through business interaction.

Future Outlook of World Smart Energy Week

The Japanese government has been promoting fuel cells lately. In addition to that, the release of Toyota Mirai FCV has brought new energy to the stagnated electric vehicle (EV) market in Japan, stimulating FC EXPO and leading to larger-scale World Smart Energy Week. As for future exhibitions, the sponsors will make annual plans depending on different market conditions. Yet, what’s worth mention is that the nine exhibitions this year may be divided into two sessions and exhibit separately in the future.

Although Reed Japan has no plans to hold exhibitions overseas, it held PV EXPO in Osaka, Kansai for two years in a row. 90% of exhibitors come from Kansai in OSAKA PV EXPO, according to Reed Japan’s observation. The lack of participants from Kanto proves that there should be PV EXPO in both Kansai and Kanto. Therefore, the sponsors hope that PV EXPO can be showing in both Kansai and Kanto in the future. Moreover, the scale of OSAKA PV EXPO in 2016 may even up 1.5-2 times compare to PV EXPO 2015. 

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