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Top 50 Influencers in Asia's Power & Electricity Sector

published: 2015-03-18 17:16

Asia… The World’s Biggest Opportunity

Asia's population is growing fast. With that comes the need for power, and this in turn creates a dynamism in the energy market not seen elsewhere in the world. Investment is pouring in fast to keep pace with the demand for new generation capacity, whilst records are being broken for levels of new investment into renewables projects.

The Asian market presents a vision of marked contrasts, with examples of sophisticated deployment of smart grid technology at one end of the scale, and the continuing efforts to deliver power for the first time to Asia's archipelago nations at the end other end of the scale.

From these complex activities emerges a group of prominent figures who have carved out for themselves reputations as significant influencers across the Asian power sector, and to whom others are keen to take note of their views and opinions.

In this eBook, we present to you our opinions on who the top 50 influencers in Asia's power and electricity sector.
Click here to download this eBook and find out who we believe the movers and shakers of this industry are

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