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Energy Minister Dr. Mike Nahan Opening Western Australia Solar +Energy Storage Creative Drive Conference

published: 2015-10-30 10:07

Western Australia has long been touted as a potential Eldorado for the combination of large scale and in recent times in combination with energy storage. Energy Minister Hon. Dr Mike Nahan will presence the Western Australia Solar +Energy Storage Conference in Perth on 16th-17th November.

Nearly all of Perth’s daytime electricity needs will be met by rooftop solar panels within a decade, according to State Energy Minister Mike Nahan. In his strongest comments yet on the rampant popularity of solar panels, Dr Nahan told an Energy in WA conference the technology would provide virtually all new generation capacity by 2025.

Fuelled by falling solar panel prices and rising electricity tariffs, demand for solar cells has been running at 20-30 per cent in Perth for the past six years. About 170,000 households in the South West grid covering Perth now have a system. Dr Nahan said installed solar capacity across the city was about 500MW - or the equivalent of a major base-load power station — and this was expected to more than double within years.

WAS + ESCDC 2015 devotes itself to bring you a great platform to discuss the latest trends and technologies and to network with your clients. We are targeting 40+ Speakers, 20 Exhibitors, 400 senior participants to join this grand gathering.

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