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China International New Energy Vehicle Summit 2016

published: 2016-03-29 17:50

On 24th-25th March 2016, at Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing, China International New Energy Vehicle Summit 2016 went off without a hitch. This summit was supported by China Power Supply Association, State Information Center, National Development and Reform Commission,undertaken by Borscon, and sponsored by Borgwarner, ETAS, Sungrow Power, Witricity Corporation, Valeo and other companies greatly.

The 2-day event was gatering more than 100 delegates from Government、Association、OEM、Spare Parts Manufacturers, Battery Manufacturers, Charging Pile Companies, IT Companies and Consulting companies leaders and experts participate it!

Guest speaker – Keynote speech section


Guest speaker – Li Jun,Sungrow Power


Tea break & networking


Guests attending the meeting – Section of questions and answers


Panel Discussion

With the depletion of fossil energy and oil resource, air pollution, emission of green house gases, as well as low energy utilization for conventional vehicle driven by internal combustion engine, New Energy Vehicle (hereinafter referred to as NEV) has already become the tendency of future development.

As one of China's strategic emerging industries, NEV serves as an important approach for China to address the climate change, the energy security, GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission and prevention as well as control of urban air pollution. In the past 10 years, enormous attention and support has been given to NEV from the state as China has made it the main direction for the future development. Last year, production and sales of NEVs in China had tripled the number from the previous year, the explosive growth of which is the result of the growing national policy support to NEV.

Against the backdrop, the China International New Energy Vehicle Summit 2016 is based on the status quo of China's NEV industry, to further analyze those aspects that stakeholders and insiders in the industry care about, including policies and regulations, latest technology dynamics and future development. Hot topics such as integrated electronic control unit, wireless charging technologies and the opportunities for NEV to be connected to the internet of energy, etc. will be explored. What's more, this also remains a perfect platform for you to communicate on cross-border projects with senior government officials, OEMs, industry leaders and experts.


  • NEV development plan in 13th 5-year-plan
  • Timeline for introducing and implementing new charging standards
  • Global market strategy for New Energy Vehicle industry
  • Exploring new materials technologies for future batteries
  • Latest technolgy on ternary li-ion battery
  • Efficiency improvement and performance optimization of driving motor
  • How battery management system improve package level safetys
  • How motor controller optimizes operational efficiency while reducing energy consumption
  • Key technology for Vehicle Control Unit
  • Charging pole technology and network construction
  • Enormous market prospect for wireless charging technology
  • Technology and market for PHEV
  • Design and optimization of EV electric system
  • Commercialization approach of fuel cell vehicle in the future
  • Latest technology of new energy commercial vehicles
  • Can it help to speed up the development of NEV industry by opening technical patents
  • How internet facilitates the upgrade of new energy vehicle industry
  • New energy vehicle's opportunity to connect into the internet of energy
  • Mode to cooperate with conventional vehicle rental companies
  • How financial leasing resolve the business model dilemma of NEV industry
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