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CSP Focus 2016 China After the meeting report

published: 2016-04-07 17:03

At doubletree banquet hall of Beijing Hilton, CSP Focus 2016 China was held successfully. The two-day conference has attracted about 300 guests which are the leader of the CSP industry at home and abroad. They shared insights about the development and future of China CSP industry before the list of national demonstrating power plants and FiT being published.

33 articles keynote speech, 12 products exhibition area, three panel discussions, Question and Answer, Branch of the meeting place, Coffee break & Communication, Buffet Dinning… The big feast of ”CSP industry circle” is happened in these day!

On the spot, 33 speakers from worldwide Mainstream institutions and corporate representatives gave speeches about different segments of CSP industry. Three part of the conference is held by Mis. Xiaobing Liu, secretary-general of Solar-thermal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Mr. Fengwu Bai,the researcher of Institute of Electrical Engineering , CAS and Mr, Kefu Fu, Greater China Partner of US Renewables Group. Lively atmosphere , different design part and distinctive theme speeches led to a admirable exchanges and collisions.

At beginning part of market and policy of China CSP, government representative gave the speeches which based on the china policy analysis “13th Five Year Plan” in CSP industry and the future of CSP plants in development model and prospects, included Hydropower and Water Resource Planning and Design General Institute,  Electrical Planning and Design Institute,  Energy Research Institute of NDRC, secretary-general of Solar-thermal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and IEA, Wind and Solar Energy Resource Center of CMATC and so on.

Gathered the main project developers, EPC, engineering design and technology research & development unit at home and abroad to report their projects experiences and planning. Domestic representatives included CGN Solar Energy, Supcon Solar,Huaneng, SunCan,Shenzhen Yonker Enesoon, Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Science Institute, and Northwest Electric Power Design Institute,. Overseas representatives included BrightSource Energy, SolarReserve, Wilson Solarpower, Eliasol, Fichtner and sbp and so on.

In the project financing part, ADB, IFC and US Renewables Group who have accumulated rich experience in CSP field gave the brilliant speeches for guests.

Leading companies who supply the core equipments, material and service in Solar-thermal power stations shared their experiences of thermal collectors, mirror, flow control, thermal storage heat, steam turbine and so on. These companies are Rayspower Energy, Royal Tech CSP, Beijing TRX Solar, Rioglass, SkyFuel, Enesoon, Aalborg CSP, Pentair, Friatec, Samson, Dow Chemical, Siemens, TÜV Rheinland and so on.

There are three panel discussions on two days morning in which time discussed and analyzed the industry hot problems including “How to ensure enough number and good performance of workers in 1GW demonstration project of China”, “What problems do they meet during the development stage of China CSP “and “Develop Local CSP Value Chain” ect.

Outside the venue, 13 merchants exhibited their productions in the Exhibition area, including Mirror manufacturer-Rayspower Energy(also supplying the collector), Skyfuel, collector manufacturer-Royal Tech CSP, Beijing TRX, Weihai Golden Solar, Thermal storage and thermal insulation materials suppliers-Enesoon, Zeaben Chemistry, Promat, Eastman, Trace the transmission company-Pepperl Fuchs, Virtualmech, Stents and steel materials provider-Alliance Metal(ArcelorMittal).

At the conference dinner, CSP Focus, the host , thanked all the guests and toast for the thriving CSP industry. Guests have said they had a better understanding of the industry, also got to know more friends in the industry and they were glad to see a better future and receive more good news of China CSP market.

To see more information, please pay attention to series reports of our conference.

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