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BIG SUN Introduces iPV Tracker’s Six Tips to Earn Profit

published: 2016-05-30 18:50

Taiwan-based company BIG SUN Group demonstrates how does its self-developed solar tracking system, iPV Tracker, earn profit through six tips in this year’s SNEC trade show took place in Shanghai, China. With the tips, the tiny investment for iPV Trackers can roll to huge returns.

“iPV Tracker and iPVita demonstrate the idea of ‘industry 4.0’ for the solar industry,” said Summer Luo, Chairman of BIG SUN Group, who is also the inventor of iPV Tracker. “iPV Tracker is ideal for cross-industry collaboration, so this product is able to earn more money than traditional mounting systems.”

BIG SUN's booth at SNEC 2016

The first tip of iPV Tracker’s secret to earn profit is its 99.9% availability, and the second one is the strong resistance over wind, flood, snow and ability of avoiding shading brought by the patented dual-axis structure. iPV Trackers have been proved that they can operate safely and precisely toward the sun, all day long. They are so reliable that can enhance up t0 40% of power yield per year, indicating higher return of investment.

EnergyTrend learned from Luo that BIG SUN Group has been negotiating with an industry leader in Japan to build a solar-powered EV-charging parking lot in the U.S. He also revealed opportunities for iPV Trackers to be utilized for agriculture/fishery-collaborated PV projects in China, which are supported by the Chinese government.

A 1:1 sample of iPV Tracker setting for demonstration at SNEC 2016.

BIG SUN Group saw higher acceptance and better opportunities for iPV Trackers in the Chinese PV market as the visitors showed their interests in their solutions. The visitors included EPC contractors and inverter makers.

BIG SUN Group will continuously expand its global presence as well as more cross-industry collaboration projects.

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