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Call for Presentations - 3rd Solar Cell Paste and Metallization Forum

published: 2017-01-05 11:02

3rd Solar Cell Paste and Metallization Forum will be organized by ASIACHEM in Mar. 2017 in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Solar cell paste is the key auxiliary material for the production of crystalline silicon solar cell, accounting for about 50-60% of the non-silicon cost of cells. The paste is made up of conductive phase, binder and organic vehicle, consists front-side Ag paste, backside Ag paste and backside Al paste, has an important influence on the cell’s photoelectric conversion efficiency and cost. Due to technical upgrading and fierce market competition, the paste consumption of single cell is decreasing, along with the falling price of silicon wafer, are the main driving force to reduce the cell cost.

Nevertheless, the rapid expansion of global PV scale is still driving the paste market growth. In 2016, the global new PV installed capacity is expected to 76GW, of which more than 31GW from China. China has the world's largest solar cell production and metallization paste consumption. In the background of most backside Al paste realized domestic production and domestic rate of backside Ag paste steady improved, in 2016, domestic front-side Ag paste enterprises have also made significant progress after years of technology R&D and experience accumulation.

With updated progress of c-Si solar cell manufacturing technology, especially the rises of high efficiency PERC、HJT and N-type bifacial cells, and promoted application of black silicon and no knot screen technology in recent years, the pastes need higher performance. Paste manufactures must develop new technology constantly and cooperate with the cell and module companies closely, to keep up with industry trends and expand market share.

The following presentations are expected to be delivered in the conference:
1.    Global and China’s PV industry outlook and paste market prospect
2.    Ag paste and Al paste localization trends and investment opportunities
3.    Advanced paste technologies for PERC, HJT and N-type bifacial cells
4.    Paste and metallization solutions for black silicon cells
5.    Solar cell pastes technology trends and cost reduction paths
6.    PV pastes printing & sintering technologies innovation
7.    Quality control system for Ag paste & Al paste production
8.    PV paste key raw materials technologies: silver powder, aluminum powder, glass powder and organic vehicle
9.    Study on front-side Ag paste conductive mechanism and metallization contact mechanism
10.    No knot screen technology and performance needs for pastes
11.    Challenges and solutions for copper paste metallization

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