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HeraeusPhotovoltaics will attend 3rd Solar Cell Paste and Metallization Forum and make important presentations

published: 2017-03-02 13:43

As an innovative supplier to the global Photovoltaics (PV) industry, Heraeus specializes in silver metallization paste for solar cells. For different types of cells, Heraeus introduced metallization solutions for BSF cells, PERC cells, n-type cells, etc., respectively.

The PERC technology enables conversion efficiencies beyond 20% on p-type silicon. With an increasing number of worldwide cell producers adopting this industry scale technology, it can be seen as the next volume driver in c-Si PV. Earlier in 2017, Heraeus introduced the SOL9641B series, a new generation of high efficiency front-side silver paste for PERC.

The new Heraeus SOL9641B series front-side silver paste raises the conversion efficiency of solar cells by 0,1-0.2% through better contact and less shading. It provides a superior metallization contact for PERC cell on Ultra Lightly Doped Emitter and is compatible for both multi and mono crystalline wafers. The wide processing window of the SOL9641B is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of PERC-cell manufacturing. Its ultra-fine line screen printing capabilities make the 9641B perfectly suitable for Ultra-fine-lineprinting, supporting a fingergeometry that can print defect-free through a less than30 µm screen opening in high throughput mass production.

Compared to p-type solar cells, n-type cells have higher conversion efficiency. The share of n-type silicon solar cells is expected to increase in the coming years as wafer costs go down. Heraeus is renowned for pioneering in metallization pastes for n-type solar cells.

In 2017, Heraeus also introduced low-temperature processing pastes for emerging cell technologies like heterojunction. The SOL570 is designed for the curing temperature range of heterojunction solar cells of less than 200°C. At the same time the paste shows excellent adhesion. The SOL570 is perfectly tailored for fine-lineprintability for screen printing and can be stored and processed at room temperature, which relieves PV cell manufacturers from time-consuming freeze and unfreeze.

For n-type PERT and IBC solar cells, Heraeus also introduced a series of metallization pastes, such as SOL9350, SOL9621 series for n-PERT cells and SOL9631, SOL9620 series pastes for IBC cells.

3rd Solar Cell Paste and Metallization Forum will be organized by ASIACHEM on Mar. 21, 2017 in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. Dr. Weiming Zhang, EVP and CTO of HeraeusPhotovoltaics, will attend the forum and make important presentations.

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