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PV EXPO/SYSTEM 2017: Module Competition Among Korean Manufacturers

published: 2017-03-09 18:13

Korean can be heard everywhere at the PV EXPO/SYSTEM 2017. Not just Korean Pavilion can be seen at many sub-exhibition areas, there were quite a few Korean came for visit and interview. Several leading manufacturers from South Korea also participated in the exhibition, including Hanwha Q-Cells and LG at the PV EXPO and LSIS at the Smart Grid EXPO.

Hanwha Q-Cells showed a variety of Q.PEAK series modules, designed specifically for the Japanese residential market, products with 48-cell, and black high-efficiency modules. The wattage for black high-efficiency modules can reach 290W, with the conversion efficiency reaching 19.7%. Hanwha Q-Cells also revealed two types of next-generation modules: Q.ANTUM half-cut double glass modules (310W) and mono-Si smart modules (300W).

Another large-scale exhibition showed by Hanwha Q-Cells is the mounting systems for the low-pressure industry - Q.MAX plus F-series. The mounting system allows modules to be arranged in a highly incremental manner, leading to tighter installation (as showing in the figure below; left is general mounting and right is Q.MAX mounting model) to effectively utilize the space

LG showed many types of modules. The booth almost looked like a modular forest. NeON® is the basic series for LG. The company exhibited NeON® black modules produced by IBC technology, which looked all black and nice, with the wattage reaching 365W.

The bifacial (double-sided) module - NeON® 2 Bifacial also was showing at the exhibition. The biggest feature is that the cell surface uses “Cello Technology”. Twelve slim bus bars are printed with transparent back panel to effectively increase power generation efficiency. The wattage for 60-cell NeON® 2 Bifacial can reach 315W, while the conversion efficiency can reach 17.8%. LG MONO X Plus module, which was developed through similar technology, is specifically designed for floating systems. The material is lead free and moisture resistant. The wattage for 60-cell MONO X Plus module can reach 365W.

LSIS still mainly focused on floating systems at the Smart Grid EXPO. In fact, floating system, which significantly rises since this year, is something that LSIS has been working on for a long time. With 72-cell mono-Si modules (cell conversion efficiency of 20.08% and module wattage of 350W), the buoyancy-type system, made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) materials, is easy to set up, having three functions at the same time – floating, walking space, and water cooling space below modules. Meanwhile, LSIS also launched bifacial (double-sided) P-PERC mono-Si modules.

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