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SMA Unveils Cross-Sector Energy Management System ennexOS at SNEC 2018

published: 2018-06-08 15:54

SMA, a renowned inverter supplier, has rolled out its brand new cross-sector energy management system, ennexOS. The system facilitates improved energy deployment and online energy interconnection, which has become increasingly important as the share of green energy power and complication of energy systems increases.

SMA debuted the system at a press conference on May 29 at SNEC 2018, which was held in Shanghai. ennexOS is an IoT platform integrating various energy fields, promising to become a fully automated smart energy management system. With accumulated installation capacities exceeding 65 GW worldwide, SMA is the first enterprise capable of integrating all energy fields in one platform.  

With its applications covering PV, energy storage, natural gas, electric cars, grids, heat storage, joint heat-electricity supply system, and heat pump, ennexOS can maximize energy utilization efficiency in various fields via complicated algorithms, constantly monitor and improve energy consumption of equipment to safeguard energy supply, and adopt optimal program via analysis and smart management of energy flow to facilitate interconnection and mutual supplementation of energies, and enable easy management of complicated energy fields.

ennexOS embraces modular design for platform and open-system architecture, which is compatible with supporting factories' solutions. The modular design makes it possible for partners to develop individualistic new functions, on top of integrated fixed functions.

ennexOS is applicable in the energy systems of households, business establishments, and public utilities. There have been cases of applications abroad, including at the AKTIV & IRMA super market in Oldenburg of Germany, where the program was tested in April. In the fall, the program will be also tested at the Leonhard Hade farm in Alheim of Germany.

At SNEC 2018, SMA also showcased a flurry of inverters, including household inverters, large-scale commercial inverters, Zeversolar-branded inverters, energy-storage inverters, and PV power stations, which constitute one-stop shopping service. A highlight was the Sunny Boy Storage 3.7/5.0/6.0, an innovative grid-connection energy-storage inverter which is slated to hit the market in June.

Wang Cheng-Chi, SMA’s Technical Marketing Manager of the Asia-Pacific region, noted that the innovative inverter can be connected to up to three storage batteries, for flexible choice, on top of built-in emergency power supply and automatic back-up power supply for households.

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