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“Computex 2019” – Innovation- and Application-oriented, FSP forges ahead into the new energy era

published: 2019-06-13 11:30

As a global power supply leader, FSP launched brand-new power products at the 2019 Computex show in the fields of consumers, e-sports, chargers, AIoT, and 5G. Combining innovation and high-quality service, FSP marches towards the new energy era.

From terminal device to cloud center, AIoT power distribution becomes more flexible

AIoT integrates artificial intelligence with the IoT, emphasizing hierarchical and real-time diverse computing. From consumer terminal devices, monitoring systems in smart cities, robotic arms of industrial automation, sensors, to government transport and other utilities, AIoT requires more stable and diverse power distribution for all devices to operate smoothly, be it the end-user on the edge, the intermediate fog layer, or the top cloud layer. FSP offers 1U, redundant power supply, CRPS power supply, and UPS that can be applied to cloud and data center servers; Flex ATX and ATX power supply are commonly used in edge computing system-related equipment; adapters, open frame power supplies, Flex ATX, and chargers can support numerous user devices.

 In response to AIoT development and applications, FSP offers a complete range of products that meet various application demands.

 The power solution developed specifically for robotic arms combined with UPS was displayed. Not only does it provide a stable and safe power environment, it also demonstrates the FSP’s competence in innovation, design and system integration.

 In addition to terminal device power supplies, FSP’s Redundant PSU products provide excellent solutions for data centers or servers of cloud services.

Crossing over to green transportation and charger, providing a brand-new perspective

This year, FSP announced its venture into the charger industry, providing electric vehicles with high-performance, high-reliability, excellent heat dissipation, programmable, and fully protected chargers. FSP currently provides off-board and on-board chargers and has corresponding products for electric vehicles ranging from electric motorcycles to electric motorboats and buses, and even those for industrial purposes. FSP can also customize unique specifications to meet different customer demands.The brand-new range of chargers offers more options for electric vehicles.

The charger for household electric motorcycles is about the same size as a laptop charger.

The household or charging station charger is also lightweight and has been certified safe by many countries.

Optimistic about the 5G market, FSP creates more superior power products

The fifth-generation cellular network technology 5G remains optimistic. It has also become an important technology for the development of AIoT. 5G transmitts signals with EHF technology and requires a denser microcell base station to provide user data and voice service. So, the power supply for the base station must be resistant to high temperature, dust and humidity and have a long service life. At this year’s Computex, FSP displayed a variety of products including a series of RRU (remote radio unit) power supplies for wireless broadband head-end equipment, UPS (uninterruptible power system), PDU (power distribution unit) that can distribute three-phase power, high speed network switch, and DC/AC, AC/DC BBU (baseband unit). The high-stability products can also be connected and integrated, providing great user flexibility for customers.

 At this year’s Computex, FSP also exhibited a full range of power supply products for terminal cell base station to telecommunications room, creating a one-stop power supply chain for 5G applications.

Deepen consumer applications to create the new force — e-sports

FSP has been cultivating the consumer application market for many years and will certainly play a part in the recent hottest e-sports ecosystem. In response to the e-sports consumer market, FSP has kept its spirit of innovation and service to create more stable and powerful power supplies for e-sports players. Among them is the SFX power supply DAGGER PRO series, a high-performance fully modular power supply that comes in 550W or 650W. They are designed with Japanese electrolytic capacitors and smart temperature-controlled fans. The 650W supports dual-CPU connectors, which greatly improves hardware device specifications to meet different needs of players.

 The fully modular DAGGER PRO series offers players a more diverse selection.

The high-stability and high-durability Hydro G Pro series features humidity and rust resistance.

Besides power supply, FSP will demo the new series of high-end case CMT710 at this year’s Computex. The unique style is made with the innovative aluminum alloy structure combined with tempered glass side panel. The cable shroud design inside the case makes it look simple, sleek and spacious. It can also support dual liquid-cooled system and is highly expandable. During the show, it will be displayed with the world’s first 80 Plus Platinum certified liquid-cooled PSU.

The high-end case CMT710 is made with aluminum alloy, which gives off a rugged style for players.

The symmetrical design on both sides of the case meets the different needs of players.

It is worth mentioning that the CMT710 supports dual-system design. Players can install two systems on both sides of the case or carry out additional modifications. Both performance and design can be achieved in gaming.


During the show, renowned Modder from all over the world are invited to design a miniaturized system with DAGGER PRO, which is well worth seeing.


Show Information:

Date: May 28 to June 1, 2019

Location: Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1

Booth No.: L0602 (4F)

Conference Room No.: 503 (5F)

Additional information: https://www.fsplifestyle.com/landing/FSPcomputex2019.html


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