renewable energy

ClimeCo Renewable Energy Credits Now Green-e® Energy Certified

published 2020 年 02 月 11 日 17:30
Boyertown, Pennsylvania, Feb. 4, 2020 The new product offers ClimeCo's customers a certified clean energy option ClimeCo announced today that they have successfully obtained the Green-e® Energy certification for their "ClimeCo Re...  more

Middle East Gearing up to Be the Next Clean Energy Leader

published 2020 年 01 月 17 日 21:00
When people think of the Middle East, a lot of things would come to mind: oil, the desert, just to name a few. However, renewable energy would not be the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. However, that is about to change. ...  more

Citing Homogeneous Developmental Conditions, TOWIA Opposes Lowered Rates for Offshore Wind Energy in Light of 7.6% Cut in 2020 Offshore Wind Energy FIT

published 2019 年 12 月 26 日 0:30
The Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs held a renewable energy feed-in tariff (FIT) hearing on December 12th. Yuni Wang, chairman of wpd Taiwan, pointed out that Taiwan’s current offshore wind energy installation capacity sat at a measly 0.1GW, while construction is still underway for related infrastructures. Since the cost of wind farm development will not be changing in any meaningful way before 2025, Wang hopes that the Ministry will reconsider its decision to lower FITs. ...  more

North European Energy Solutions to Help Taiwanese Firms Attain Energy Transformation

published 2019 年 11 月 25 日 11:29
In its strenuous effort to attain energy transformation, Taiwan can borrow a page from the North European countries, which have already made a remarkable achievement in renewable energy. Their progresses can be seen in the “North European Sustainable Energy and Environment Forum,” which was held in Taipei on November 14. ...  more

China’s Meteoric Rise to Energy Superpower

published 2019 年 10 月 24 日 0:00
China is rising fast from zero to hero in the field of renewable energy. In 25 years, it went from having practically zero solar modules to becoming the largest PV market in the world.  ...  more

EnergyTrend, AISWEI to Hold Forum on The Latest Market Trends and Inverter Developments

published 2019 年 09 月 24 日 9:30
Increasing investments in the development of the renewable energy sector has become an irreversible trend as global warming causes more extreme weather events around the world. Instead of sitting on the sidelines of the international movement for energy transition, Taiwan’s government has opted to aggressively push the deployment of renewable energies. ...  more