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Semi-Transparent Solar Cells Found to Foster Crop Growth in Greenhouses

published 2023 年 03 月 31 日 9:30
Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have recently made a groundbreaking discovery that could change the way we think about sustainable agriculture. According to their recent study, growing crops under semi-transparent solar cells not only generates electricity, but also promotes plant growth. ...  more

India’s Domestic Protectionist Policy Means Its Solar Industry May Not Qualify for Subsidies Using Imported Solar Cells

published 2019 年 11 月 25 日 11:34
Still remember the import duty imposed on foreign-made solar cells by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry back in 2018? To protect the domestic photovoltaic industry, the Ministry levied a 25% first-year tariff on imported cells. Recently, India is rolling out a brand new set of policies that will proactively reduce the country’s reliance on imported cells. The idea here is to bolster the Indian solar cell manufacturing industry. ...  more

5th Solar Cell Paste and Metallization Forum 2019

published 2019 年 01 月 03 日 17:33
Metallization is the key step in the production of crystalline silicon solar cells. The photogenerated carriers are led out of the cell by preparing metalized electrodes on the front and the back of the silicon wafer by screen pri...  more

3rd N Type c-Si Cell and Passivated Contact Forum 2018

published 2018 年 10 月 30 日 14:27
N-type c-Si cell has high minority carrier lifetime, no light-induced attenuation (LID), good low-light effect, low temperature coefficient, is expecting towards the theoretical highest efficiency of c-Si solar cells. ITRPV 2018 f...  more