solar PV

GSE Launches Decarbonizing Cloud Fleet and Solar Rooftop Technical Warehouses

published 2023 年 05 月 19 日 9:30
Goldsun Express & Logistics (GSE), in order to respond to Earth Day, has been installing PV equipment on the rooftops of its logistics warehouses since 2021. According to statistics, GSE generated 644,778kWh of power and reduced 341,088kg of carbon in 2021, then proceeded to generating 796,316kWh of power and reducing 422,251kg of carbon in 2022, with a growth of 23% in both power generation and decarbonization. ...  more

Microwaves: A Potential Solution for Energy-Intensive Solar Panel Manufacturing and Recycling?

published 2023 年 05 月 03 日 9:30
Solar panels play a crucial role in energy generation by converting sunlight into electricity without creating carbon dioxide. However, the high-temperature and high-pressure environment required to manufacture them can lead to increased costs, and recycling options are limited. Australian scientists have found a solution using microwaves that addresses both issues. ...  more