Industry Focus


New Wave of Inflation Fermenting within the Industry Chain as Constrained Polysilicon Provision Persists

Polysilicon Polysilicon prices continued to surge under a slightly expanded degree this week, where mono-Si dense materials were quoted at a mainstream price of RMB 263-275/kg, while mono-Si compound feedings were quotes at a mainstream price of RMB 265-278/kg, with an average concluded price of RMB 271-273/kg. ...  more



[Solar] Mathew Miao: Not a Question of Whether Electricity Pricing Rises, but Taiwan's Overall Energy Policy

The MOEA stated that Taiwan's electricity price has to rise, and will hold an electricity price review committee on the June27th to decide on the rate of the domestic electricity price increase....  more


[Solar] Yujing Machinery and Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems to Cooperate in Manufacturing of Large-Size Wafers

More progress has been made in the partnership between Yujing Machinery and Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems in the development of a project for the manufacturing of large-size PV wafers. ...  more


[Solar] Xinzhong to Invest RMB 12 Million in Rooftop PV Project for Tongyu

Xinzhong Energy Development announced on June 27 that it will invest approximately RMB 12 million of its own capital to deploy PV generation systems on the rooftops of facility buildings owned by Tongyu Communication....  more


[Solar] China's Polysilicon Pricing Hits 11-Year High Amid High Demand and Power Curtailment

Polysilicon is one of the key materials used in solar cells but, according to the Silicon Industry of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the average cost of the highest-grade polysilicon has climbed for 20 consecutive weeks, reaching US$40.62 per kilogram on June 22nd, the highest point since 2011....  more


[Solar] New Buildings Should Be Configured with Solar Power Generation; Lin Chien-Han: SECOM to March Towards BEMS Market

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) hinted that the regulation of renewable energy development will be partially amended by adding a new requirement where new and existing buildings should be installed with solar power generating equipment during renovation....  more