Shanghai-Stuttgart-Symposium on Automotive and Engine Technology

Shanghai-Stuttgart-Symposium on Automotive and Engine Technology 26-27 October, 2017 | Shanghai, China In order to deepen research activities in scientific areas and enable deep discussions between researchers from China and Germany. Shanghai-Stuttgart-Symposiu.. more

2nd China International Intelligent Vehicle Forum 2017 - ITS and ICV Collaborative Development

Human-Vehicle-Transportation, The New Age for Total Perception Innovation After the unmanned safety of the vehicle exceeds the safety of man driving, the development of smart vehicle will move towards intelligent traffic. It will make the entire transport industry t.. more

Hyundai Becomes the World's 2nd Largest Green-Car Maker

Combined sales of green cars by Hyundai Motor and its subsidiary Kia topped 102,480 cars in the first half this year, a whopping 130% growth over a year earlier and approaching 2017's total sales, reported Yonhap News Agency, citing market .. more

Hyundai Mobis Develops New V2G Charging Solutions for EVs

Hyundai Mobis announced on August 17th that it became the first in Korea to develop the Bi-directional On Board Charger (OBC) for electric vehicles, which is key to the implementation of V2G (Vehicle To Grid). V2G refers to using th.. more

My Name Is Shen and That Is the Way I Manage the Company! Thunder Power Promises to Release EV as Scheduled in 2019 Regardless of Rumors

    Due to its status as an OTC-listed company and the negative rumors from the market, the board chairman and founder of Thunder Power Holdings Limited Wei Shen is careful with his responses when interviewed by media in order.. more

Tesla Is Sure to Increase the Capacity of Model 3 by Raising US$1.5 Billion

On August 7, 2017, EV manufacturer Tesla claimed that they will raise US$1.5 billion in a bond offering to increase the capacity of Model 3. According to Tesla's financial report, the company's expense of Q2 in 2017 reached up to U.. more

Faraday Future Reveals New California Manufacturing Facility

Faraday Future (FF) has signed a lease on its new manufacturing facility, and began the process of clean-up to prepare the new site for the move-in of manufacturing equipment. The facility marks another significant step forward for the company in.. more