Shenzhen Completes Electrifying Its Entire Bus Fleet and Aims to Do the Same for Local Taxis by 2020

All 16,359 buses in the Chinese city Shenzhen now run on electricity. The ambitious task of totally replacing the city’s traditional fuel buses with electric ones was finally completed at the start of 2018. There were already 14,000 electri.. more

Motorcycle Battery Stations Will Employ Gogoro Batteries

Following announcement by the Executive Yuan to ban fuel oil-powered motorcycles in 2035, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has unveiled plan to establish 3,310 motorcycle battery charging and swap stations within five years throughout Taiwa.. more

Talents from Suzuki and Three Other Japanese Auto Makers Will Contribute to Research in an Electric Vehicle Joint Venture Led by Toyota

Nikkei Asian Review reported on 31 December 2017 that Japanese auto makers Suzuki Motor Corp., Subaru Corp., Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd., and Hino Motors Ltd. will join an electric vehicle (EV) development project headed by Toyota .. more

Packsize International Becomes Largest Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Utah

Rocky Mountain Power has awarded Packsize International with a $111,280 incentive check to recognize the availability of 50 Level 2 electric vehicle chargers on premise, creating the largest electric vehicle charging installation in Utah. Held at the On Demand Pac.. more

China to Open Up a Stretch of Solar Highway by the End of This Year as the Country Hopes to Apply Photovoltaics to the Charging of Electric Cars

The market growth of electric vehicles (EV) is poised to take off as governments worldwide implement measures to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. While EVs are expected to become a trend in the future of transportation, the pace of.. more

Production Capacity of EV Batteries to Reach 268GW in 2020 Due to Rising Demand, Says Report

A report recently released by the energy industry consultancy group Wood Mackenzie forecasts that the global production capacity for batteries used in electric vehicles (EV) may reach 268GW in 2020. As countries worldwide encourage the gra.. more

Toyota and Panasonic to Start Feasibility Study of Joint Automotive Prismatic Battery Business

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic) announce today an agreement to begin studying the feasibility of a joint automotive prismatic battery business. This agreement between the two companies aims to help .. more