McLaren Enters Electric Car Market, But Not as a Supercar Maker

published: 2023-03-31 13:51
As a leading luxury automotive manufacturer and one of the electrification pioneers, McLaren has surprisingly yet to roll out any all-electric cars. According to McLaren Applied, however, the supercar maker is already striding forward on the track of vehicle electrification. ...  more

Sale of TECO Electric Buses to Triple this Year! Company President Thomas Fann Says Push for Electric Logistics to Begin Again

published: 2023-03-28 9:30
TECO attended the 2023 Smart City Summit & Expo, with this year’s theme being “Digital Transformation & Green Transition”, to propose a number of sustainability solutions at the Net Zero City Expo. These solutions are aimed at creating a more sustainable environment for businesses and smart cities. Thomas Fann, president of TECO, shared TECO’s projections of tripling sales of electric buses and the company’s plan to start launching electric logistics vehicles. ...  more

Second Wind for Discarded EV Batteries as 1,300 Batteries Form a 25MWh Energy Storage System Plant

published: 2023-03-07 9:30
There will be several millions of discarded EVs awaiting disposal after a few years, and the li-ion batteries contained within these EVs can actually be used for something else other than being recycled, reused, and remade into new batteries. A large solar and energy storage hybrid system that is recently established in California is formed with 1,300 batteries from discarded EVs. ...  more

Gotion Hi-Tech Officially Enters Supply Chain of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi by Becoming Battery Provider of Alliance’s Joint Venture with Dongfeng

published: 2023-03-01 9:30
Chinese carmaker “Yijete” has attracted the attention of the automotive market recently with the release of its light pure-electric SUV series “Nano-BOX”. Since Chinese battery manufacturer Gotion Hi-Tech provides batteries for the Nano-Box series, it is technically a supply partner of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. ...  more