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Tesla Recalls 3,470 Units of Model Y Produced Last Year due to Loosened Bolts from Rear Seats

published: 2023-03-24 9:30

Tesla has recalled 3,470 units of Model Y produced between 2022 and 2023 owing to how loosened bolts from the back frames of the rear seats may deter seatbelts from functioning during impacts. The recall is expected to affect 4% of the vehicles.

Each back frame of the rear seat on the driver’s side is fixated with four bolts for each unit of Model Y; however, 1 or more bolts may not have been tightened during the production process between May 23rd 2022 and February 5th 2023.

Tesla commented that owners can inspect whether the bolts for the back frames of their Model Y’s rear seats are loosened if there is a rattling sound when being folded.

With that being said, there have been five warranty claims related to bolts since December last year for Tesla, fortunately, Model Y is fewer in production volume, and the issue was discovered relatively early. However, the quantity of affected Model Y that is produced and not sold remains unclear.

 (Cover photo source: Tesla Taiwan)

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