All-Electric GMC Hummer EVs Remain in High Demand, Sold Out in 2023

published: 2022-11-01 9:30
Although the production of General Motor's GMC Hummer battery electric vehicle has already risen significantly, the company is unlikely to be able to keep up with demand in the short term. According to the latest capacity and sales data, all new GMC Hummer EVs are already booked in 2023 and 2024. ...  more

Gogoro and CPC Expand Partnership to 136 Swap Stations Yearend

published: 2022-11-01 9:30
Gogoro announced recently that it has expanded its partnership with CPC Taiwan and is expected to add 136 new stations by the end of the year including the official launch of 3 GoStations from Taitung City to Hualien via the coastal highway and completing the circuit of classic tourist route Provincial Highway 11 (Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway) circumnavigating the island. ...  more

BYD Plans to Upgrade Its Production Base That Is Next to the One Operated by Tesla in Shanghai

published: 2022-10-26 9:30
TrendForce reports that a news platform run by the Shanghai government made an announcement on October 10 stating that BYD plans to invest RMB 5 million to upgrade its production base in Shanghai. According to BYD, the aim of this upgrade project is to meet the growing market demand and contribute to the company’s long-term growth. The plant is operated by a local subsidiary. ...  more

EVE Will Invest CNY 10 Billion in Battery Manufacturing Base in Shenyang

published: 2022-10-24 9:30
Major Chinese battery supplier EVE continues to undertake huge capacity expansion and investment projects. On September, it released three separate announcements revealing that it has injected capital into BTR, acquired a stake in Rifu Lithium Industry, and signed agreements to build a manufacturing base in Shenyang. ...  more

Jinyuan Says Its Lithium Carbonate Has Been Adopted for Power Batteries That Are Being Installed in NEVs

published: 2022-10-24 9:30
The market for new energy technologies has been growing rapidly in recent years, thereby attracting entrants from various sectors of the economy and resulting in many spectacular breakthroughs. An example of listed Chinese companies that have just entered in this market is Jinyuan, a cement supplier and a waste treatment specialist. On October 27, Jinyuan announced that the lithium carbonate from its production site in Baqian Cuo has been adopted for power batteries that are being installed in NEVs. This represents another milestone for the company after the production site outputted its first ton of crude lithium phosphate on May 25. ...  more

What is the "Fuel Consumption" of an EV? More Than 42km per Liter

published: 2022-10-21 9:30
Soaring oil prices in the United States have made many people more willing to try electric vehicles, but how does the energy consumption of gasoline vehicles and electric vehicles compare? In fact, there is a simple formula for conversion. Now, almost all popular electric vehicles have a "fuel consumption" performance of more than 42 kilometers per liter. ...  more

Opel Returns to Taiwan After a Decade with Four New Models

published: 2022-10-21 9:30
German auto manufacturer Opel officially announced to be returning to the Taiwan market, and will be bringing back its auto craftsmanship and latest technology. The German brand will release four new models for the first wave that will enliven Taiwan’s auto market. ...  more

Over 3,000 EVs Fires per Year in China, Insurance Premiums Leap 20%

published: 2022-10-18 9:30
As fuel vehicles gradually withdraw from the market, the world is chasing electric vehicles but the biggest risk of electric vehicles is not mileage anxiety, but fire. China, which is fastest in developing electric vehicles, saw the problem first. In 2021, the Chinese government reported at least 3,000 new energy vehicle fires and their fire risk is generally higher than that of traditional gasoline vehicles. ...  more