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Gogoro and CPC Expand Partnership to 136 Swap Stations Yearend

published: 2022-11-01 9:30

Gogoro announced recently that it has expanded its partnership with CPC Taiwan and is expected to add 136 new stations by the end of the year including the official launch of 3 GoStations from Taitung City to Hualien via the coastal highway and completing the circuit of classic tourist route Provincial Highway 11 (Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway) circumnavigating the island.

Gogoro swap stations are already quite dense populated in Taiwan’s 6 major metropolitan areas and now it is ready to continue to expand to more places. In addition to deploying battery swap stations on Provincial Highway 9 between Taitung and Hualien and connecting Taiwan's electric scooter energy supply network, Gogoro Network has also promoted coastal tourism routes and completed the construction of "CPC Taitung Fugang Gas Station" and "CPC Pisiran Gas Station " on Provincial Highway 11, and "CNPC Changxin Gas Station," officially opened today.

Coupled with the opening of the first Super GoStation in East Taiwan in early August, the "Taitung Good Station" can meet the needs of scooter owners for power exchange on more than 150 kilometers of roads on Taiwan’s Provincial Highway 11. Whether it's cruising the scenic Route 11 or cruising the Route 9 with mountain views, Gogoro Network allows drivers to enjoy the East Coast Sightseeing route.

Gogoro’s travel routes are also becoming more and more diverse. This year, by expanding its cooperation with CPC, Gogoro Network plans to open two new GoStation sites in Kinmen by the end of October and, at the same time, add two new sites in Penghu, bringing the total number of GoStations on the Penghu islands to 6.

▲Super swap station guarantee fully charged batteries.

The Chiayi Alishan and Nantou Wuling routes, which were opened at the end of last year, have immediately become popular check-in destinations for PBGN owners this year. In response to the rush of scooters during the holiday season, Gogoro Network has added a new “CPC Alishan New Gas Station” along the Alishan route, becoming the nearest GoStation before entering Alishan Scenic Area. The “CNPC Cingjing Naluwan Station” will be added along the Wuling line, opening up the hubs to Hehuan Mountain, Cingjing Farm, Wuling, Lishan and other places.

Up to now, Gogoro Network's service coverage has covered 21 counties and cities in Taiwan, with more than 11,733 GoStation cabinets in operation and under construction. According to the area vehicle owners frequent and energy demand, stations have been planned and deployed in 2,419 locations. About 1/3 of GoStations in Taiwan are located next to convenience stores and supermarkets and penetrate into the public convenience life cycle.

At the same time, Gogoro Network provides more than 108,382 smart battery swap slots to serve customers. The smallest GoStation site has 24 battery swap slots, and each station provides more than 100 smart batteries, which can meet the battery swap needs of more than 1,000 users. There are also more than 161 Super GoStations built across Taiwan.

In fact, Gogoro and CPC have cooperated for 5 years and have continued to expand the number of swap stations within gas stations. Although some sites were suspended due to contractual reasons, now cooperation has been expanded further. Hoped that the number of swap stations in the future will increase, locations become denser, and situated closer to routes used by scooter riders, making electric scooters more popular.


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