As Extreme Cold Troubles Charging, EV owners in the US Complain “Driving in Winter is a Big Challenge”

published: 2022-12-28 16:24
Countries around the world are trying to solve the problem of EV charging by accelerating the construction of charging stations, with EV makers striving to advance battery technologies. However, extreme cold can cause trouble to EV owners as freezing conditions affect the performance of Li-ion batteries—a crucial component powering their vehicles. The historic winter storm blasting the US recently has prompted Tesla owners to complain that the blizzard has caused a range dip and that they cannot charge their vehicles. ...  more

Foxconn Leads Investment in EV Platform Sonatus to Intensify Deployment in Automotive Software

published: 2022-12-23 9:30
Automotive software provider Sonatus announced they have completed a Series B funding (US$75 million) that was led by Foxconn. Sonatus, including the previous Series A funding, has funded more than US$110 million from venture capital companies, strategic partners, and clients. Foxconn commented that it has begun discussing with Sonatus regarding business collaborations on components and solutions for automotive software, as well as cloud services. ...  more

Taiwan Cement Corporation Encourages EV Charging during Off-Peak Hours with an Effort to Reduce 10 Tons of Carbon Emissions and Burden on National Power Grids

published: 2022-12-21 9:30
Taiwan Cement Corporation’s energy storage subsidiary NOHA.TCC launched a campaign called “Off-Peak Charging for a Better Planet” at its charging stations, where drivers who charge their electric cars during off-peak hours (10 p.m.–10 a.m.) can get an extra 1-kWh charge for free for every 1-kWh of electricity they use. The campaign aims to mitigate the burden on power grids in Taiwan and help save 10 tons of carbon emissions for Earth. ...  more

EV Startup Canoo’s First Customer of Delivery: US Army

published: 2022-12-19 9:30
EV startup Canoo has finally delivered its first vehicle to its buyers, who is the US Army, and there is only one unit only. The Light Tactical Vehicle is a preliminary EV test by the US Army, and may generate additional profits for Canoo in the future to support the startup’s precarious financial reports. ...  more