Green Smart Bus Stops Go Up in Remote Villages of Hsinchu County

As a demonstration of the extending reach of green energy and smart technology, a new type of green smart bus stops have appeared in Chienshih village of Hsinchu County, where passengers can learn dynamic status of bus service by powering displa.. more

Taiwan’s State Oil Company Makes a Shift towards Green Energy and Will Build a Thousand Battery Charging and Swap Stations for Electric Motorcycles in the Next Three Years

Taiwan’s state-owned petroleum company CPC Corp. will a set aside TWD 2 billion in its next-year budget to build a thousand battery charging and swap stations for electric motorcycles. This decision was formally announced by the company.. more

Mining Giant Glencore Expands Production of Battery Metals in Anticipation of an Electric Car Boom

South Korean media channels have reported that Japan’s Panasonic Corp. has turn over a sizable portion of its cylindrical battery supply to U.S. electric car maker Tesla Inc., as the joint venture of the two companies – Gigaf.. more

Taiwan’s Welldone Group Broke Even in First Three Quarters of 2017; Developing the Company’s Energy Ventures Requires More Time

Taiwan’s Welldone Group broke even from 1Q17 to 3Q17 in terms of operation. The company’s subsidiary units related to digital sales, telecommunications-logistics services, and online entertainment businesses posted profits during.. more

Mobiletron Enjoys Booming Business for Electric Tools

Thanks to patronage of U.S. channel players, Mobiletron Co., Ltd. is running at full capacity in the production of electric tools, with backlog of orders already extending to next April, said Tsai Yu-ching, chairman, on Nov. 30. At an.. more

TrendForce Says Electric Vehicles Market Expects Steady Growth, yet the Price of Cobalt Remains a Key Concern for Future Growth

The demand for xEV battery in China sees significant growth in 2017 due to carmakers’ acceleration into electric vehicles production. The global xEV battery demand expects a steady growth from 2 billion units in 2017 to 2.5 billion units in 2018, a Y0Y increase of .. more

Mitsubishi Electric Expands Lineup of Integrated 400V AC-Output Station Energy Saving Inverter

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it would launch a new integrated Station Energy Saving Inverter (S-EIV®) with 400V AC-output for converting surplus regenerative energy from train braking into AC electricity for station facilities. The new 400V.. more