Gotion Hi-Tech’s LFP Batteries to Be Adopted for Volkswagen’s Vehicles Sold Outside China

published: 2023-05-12 9:30
On May 10, the major Chinese battery supplier Gotion Hi-Tech announced that its subsidiary, Hefei Gotion, has received a procurement confirmation letter from Volkswagenwerk AG (Volkswagen). According to the letter, Gotion Hi-Tech will supply LFP battery cells for Volkswagen’s vehicles sold outside of China. Subsequently, a comprehensive adoption by Volkswagen for its various model series could take place. ...  more

BYD Obtains Status of Qualified Lithium Producer in Chile

published: 2023-05-11 9:30
Since 2022, BYD has been reportedly investing in lithium mines outside China. In an interview with the Chilean news media last year, Stella Li, BYD’s executive vice president, said that her company plans to secure partnerships with lithium suppliers around the world. She added that BYD was negotiating for a mining project in Chile and applying for a permit to process raw materials and manufacture battery cathode materials locally. ...  more

Michelin’s High-Performance Pilot Sport EV Tire Is Now Available in Taiwan

published: 2023-05-08 14:38
Michelin’s high-performance tires for electric vehicles have finally gone on sale in Taiwan. The latest addition to the Pilot Sport lineup is specifically designed for EVs with an emphasis on range improvement, high performance and even durability. What kind of cutting-edge technology is behind these tires, and how much do they cost? ...  more

Bosch Acquires TSI Semiconductors, Targets SiC Chip Production by 2026

published: 2023-05-05 9:30
Bosch, the German automotive chip giant, is set to acquire TSI semiconductors in response to growing demand from the EV market, international media reports. Although the acquisition amount remains undisclosed, Bosch has emphasized that the actual amount will depend on subsidies from US chip legislation. ...  more