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Kymco Accomplishes 2,000 Ionex Swapping Stations and Aims for 2,600 Units in 2023

published: 2022-12-27 9:30

Kymco announced today that it has attained the target of 2,000 Ionex battery swapping stations at a construction speed of 2.5 units each day since the announcement of the 3.0 system in early 2022. Kymco will be equipped with new targets and partners in 2023.

Kymco’s small and convenient battery swapping stations had occupied 80% among competitors in 2022 by utilizing the network of its existing partners of scooter distributors, which solved the issue of land obtainment.

Kymco will be constructing large battery swapping stations in regions that are relatively dense in users during 2023 according to the existing distribution of buyers. The company expects a successive increase of 600 battery swapping stations in 2023 that will fulfill the demand from additional riders.

The existing 2,000 units of battery swapping stations, should they rise to 2,600 units next year, with more than half being large-scale, would provide 15K batteries for Ionex’s grid throughout 2023.

HCT Logistics adopts Ionex S6 Pro as a low-carbon transportation for the last mile.

It is rather difficult in constructing new and large battery swapping stations, especially with the obtainment of land. Kymco has successfully joined hands with Youngder by not only working with the latter’s Shihlin Electric on developing the S series power components, but also partnering up with leading Taiwanese courier HCT Logistics, where the latter has purchasing the first batch of S6 Pro that would lower carbon emission.

Aside from introducing the scooters, HCT Logistics also promised to offer venues for construction of Ionex battery swapping stations at any of its service outlets around Taiwan for the purpose of easy battery swapping for its fleet, as well as serve surrounding riders.

Kymco offers customized tariffs for its commercial users, where companies such as iRent and Weo both have their own exclusive rates. The rate for HCT Logistics has yet to be confirmed.

Kymco, from the synergistic support of new partners, is not only looking to catch up to leading scooter company Gogoro, but also preparing to surpass the latter by becoming number one in the world during 2024.

 “Many overseas expansions that were delayed due to the pandemic will be successively come to fruition throughout the next two years”, commented Allen Ko, Chairman of Kymco, who believes that the company is very likely in becoming the best electric scooter brand in the world from the accelerating level of domestic sales, as well as distinctive overseas deployment.

When it comes to overseas expansions, the partnership between Kymco and Grab has yet to bring the two companies for a face-to-face meeting. The former commented that it has scheduled a meeting with the executives of the latter, and is under preparation in ascending the partnership to a whole new level.

For Kymco, the company is happy to design service solutions tailored to the needs of its commercial partners, and Ko, under the major trend of net zero emission among businesses, is optimistic towards continuous growth of Ionex in the B2B field.

 (Photo source: captured by TechNews)

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