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Volvo’s Next EV is a Small SUV Named EX30

published: 2023-05-23 9:30

Volvo’s most anticipated luxury electricity SUV EX90 has yet to be officially available, but the Swedish manufacturer is now seemingly prepared to launch the successor of EX90, a small electric SUV EX30.

Volvo continues to advance in the EV market by having announced a global presentation for EX30 that is bound to excite many fanatics.

EX30 is exceedingly emphasized by Volvo, who attempts to expand its market share among younger buyers through EV transformation. EX30 will be smaller than the 40 series (C40, XC40) in size, but retains a SUV design. In other words, the vehicle should be an EV with a short wheelbase and a slightly taller height than C40 Recharge.

EX30 is positioned more towards urban uses, and could become the first car for many users. “We are targeting Gen Z, which are young people at the age of 18-19 to be precise, as our next market”, commented Volvo CEO Jim Rowan, who believes that the company lacked communication with young drivers in the past, and is now working on this particular direction.

Product positioning can be determined by companies, however, market acceptance is not only a testament of products, but has to also take into account competitors. Small and medium-sized SUVs with two rows of seats are the battleground for the current EV market, and Volvo EX30 will have to compete with Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and many other upcoming models.

Volvo, who is known for its security and stable performance, would require bolder design languages and enticing prices in order to carve up market shares among young drivers, let alone an intricate cockpit interface and smart functions. Let us wait and see just what Volvo has prepared for EX30.

(Cover photo source: Volvo)

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