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[2019 SNEC] Trends in the Development of Solar Power Technology from SNEC Exhibition: Modules with Lower Costs and Higher Efficiency and Inverters Featuring Lower LCOE

The eye-catching SNEC PV Power Expo took place in Shanghai last week. This event has been held annually during late May and early June as this period of time best reflects the industry’s expectations ...  more



[Wind Energy] Swancor Made a Surprise Midnight Announcement of Selling Its Offshore Wind Subsidiary

Swancor Holding Co. Ltd. announced in the early morning of June 21 (1:38 a.m.) that it will be selling its offshore wind power subsidiary Swancor Renewable Energy Co. as well as its shares in the Formosa II wind farm. Swancor Holding gave notice to media outlets on June 20 at 11:35 p.m. that it was going to issue a major public statement. The announcement to sell its subsidiary was made just over an hour later....  more


[Others] Litany of Explosions Trigger Concern About Safety of Hydrogen Energy

The outbreak of three explosions worldwide in the recent one month has caused concern over the safety of hydrogen energy, overshadowing the prospects of its development....  more


[Solar] Northvolt Granted US$1 B. Loan for Battery Production in Europe

Northvolt has announced the acquisition of a US$1 billion loan, which will be used to finance its foray into Europe's motive-force battery market. This is the second major loan granted to the company, following a US$400 million loan approved by the European Investment Bank in May, for the funding of its plan to build a lithium-ion battery production base....  more


[EV] URE Will Launch Hydrogen-Fueled Motorcycle in Q4

United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (URE), a leading PV power firm in Taiwan, will roll out a hydrogen-fueled motorcycle in Q4, announced Hung Chuan-hsien, chairman, at the shareholders' meeting on June 16....  more


[Solar] Renewable Energy Surpasses Nuclear Power in Output in Taiwan

Output of renewable energy overtakes nuclear power again....  more