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Total Inverter Shipment in Taiwan Once Again Sets Record High in 1H20, with Chinese Manufacturer Sungrow Making Its First Appearance in Top Three, Says TrendForce

The current progress of downstream PV system installation in Taiwan is considerably lagging behind the 2.2GW yearly installed PV capacity targeted by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs...  more



[EV] Wireless Technology Management on Electric Vehicle Batteries to Enhance Battery Efficiency and Conserve Physical Wiring Space

Users are often prompted to replace their smartphones when they are no longer usable due to depleted batteries....  more


[Solar] Solar Industry Group Calls for Changes in Taiwan’s Green Energy Regulations so as to Help Supply Chain Actors Avoid Significant Losses

Representatives of the Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association (TPVIA) held a press conference on September 11 to voice their concerns about the future development of the domestic solar market. Those companies that attended the event are the major actors across the different sections of the island’s supply chain for PV technologies (e.g., upstream materials, cells, modules, and whole systems)....  more


[Solar] Gravitricity’s Gravity-Based Energy Storage Pilot Program Begins Construction, and Initiates Testing in 2021

Battery energy storage is merely one of the thousands of energy storage methods. Scottish start-up Gravitricity has recently commenced the construction for its 250KW pilot program of “gravity-based energy storage”, which will initiate testing in 2021. The program uses weight potential energy to generate power, which paves a new path for the development of energy storage from renewable energy....  more


[Solar] First Solar Brings Its Thin-Film PV Solutions to Distributed Generation Market as It Is Bullish on Demand from Residential and Commercial Segments

A noteworthy event in the US solar industry during the first half of this September was the agreement made between First Solar and Kinect Solar to sell the former’s thin-film PV modules to customers seeking distributed generation (DG) solutions...  more