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9th Annual Storage Week

published: 2015-11-09 18:09

The storage market is expected to grow to $10B by 2018. California utilities are currently negotiating contracts for hundreds of megawatts of storage projects, the PJM fast regulation market is driving development of numerous large-scale projects, and many other states, countries and ISOs are launching initiatives to drive storage adoption.

Now in its ninth year, Storage Week brings together the policymakers and senior executives at the forefront of a wave of storage deployment to explore new domestic and international market opportunities, storage valuation and project evaluation methodologies, and ways to optimize storage projects and teams. The road to bankable revenue flows is opening for both grid connected and behind the meter applications, with billions of dollars of investment expected in the next few years.

Location: Windham San Diego Bayside, San Diego, CA
Website:  infocastinc.com/storage-week
General Phone#: 818.888.4444
General email: mail@infocastevents.com

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